We are of the belief that as travel lovers we can all learn something from each other; to make our travels more fulfilling, more exciting, more interesting, more inspiring, and more rewarding. We know that each one of us has a unique travel story that can entertain, inform, educate, or inspire others to travel.

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Pedro Moreira

Budget traveler, cyclist & hitchhiker

When you think of a backpacker, Pedro is probably the exact vision that comes to your mind. After hitchhiking the majority of the way from Portugal to Singapore, he set off and cycled across Africa.


Tara Power

Teacher & Dive Master

Don’t be fooled by her small stature, Tara is an Irish pocket rocket! This little bundle of energy surely knows how to travel too. It all started in 2011 when, as a 23-year-old, she moved to South Korea to teach English.


Rob Greenfield

Adventurer & Environmental Activist

Rob’s life could be considered pretty extreme. Some would call him a hippy, living a simple self-reliant existence and dedicating his life to education and giving back, both for the environment and the people he meets.

rob greenfield

Chris Backe

One Weird Globe

Originally hailing from Chicago, Chris moved to Seoul in early 2008 as an English teacher. Always keen on trying new things and experiencing the local culture he spent his downtime frequenting local festivals, steadily exploring more obscure destinations around South Korea.

Chris Backe

Greg & Emma Reynolds

Overland Journey from Cape Town to Singapore

After the success of their first overland journey from Singapore to London, Greg and Emma set off for the trip of a lifetime through the heart of Africa and Asia.

greg and emma

Bohunka Kosova

World Food Documentarist

Bohunka is a surfer girl who is not only exploring the waves of the world but the local dishes of the destinations she visits. One by one she has been documenting different cuisines and their unique cooking methods around the world.

bohunka kosova

Walter Chang

“We Call This Home”

What started as a three-month trip to South East Asia, turned into three years on the road, an incredible YouTube video with over 600k views and a successful Kickstarter campaign.

Walter Chang

Rahela Jagric


Rahela is an international filmmaker, with her passion for stereoscopic filmmaking leading her to work in cities including Auckland, Berlin, London and New York.


Kien Lam

“Time is Nothing – Around the World Time Lapse”

We discovered Kien Lam the same way as most of you would have recently after seeing a post on Facebook simply titled “Time is Nothing – Around the World Time Lapse”.

Kien Lam

Azim Zainudin

Travel Photographer

Instead of living a routine life of 9 to 5, Azim has chosen to become a freelance portrait and travel photographer.


Josh Summers

Far West China

Josh spent almost four years living and working in the Xinjiang region of China and was nice enough to give us an insight into his time there.

Josh Summers

Norbert Figueroa


Norbert is a travel lover who offers solid backpacking tips and advice, chronicles his current and past trips, and is saving up for a round the world trip sometime next year.


Arun Bhat

Painted Stork

Arun Bhat is a freelance travel writer, awesome photographer, and owner of the Indian Travel Blog:

Arun Bhat

Jason & Aracely


Jason and Aracely have been traveling through Central and Southern America for the last eleven months and today we get a small insight into their experiences.

Jason and Aracely

Scott Mackinnon

“1 Year 1 List 1 Life”

Backpacker Travel discovered Scott through his Facebook group Myxtraordinary and have been following his plight now for some months.

Scott Mackinnon