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Our backpacking travel philosophy is to get people off their butt and prepare them so they are ready to explore the world. We do this because travel can be more than just a holiday, more than a lifestyle and bigger than any adventure.

“Travel can change the way you think about life in ways you wouldn’t believe.”

Along with our team of regular contributors we rely on guest posts for the Backpacker Travel blog. Before contacting us we recommend that you read through the articles already published on our site to avoid pitching a topic we’ve already published.

Topics we are currently looking for:

  • Destination Pieces – this could be an interesting personal story or tips for a specific destination
  • Photo Journals – tell your story through amazing photographs with descriptive captions
  • Food & Drinks – highlight a certain culture’s cuisine
  • World Festivals – anything with cultural significance is preferred
  • Tips & Tricks – only useful tips that are not already published here and are directly related to helping travelers

If your article is published we will add an author bio with a link to your blog (if you have one). The post will be promoted through our social media channels including our Facebook page,  Twitter feed and Google + page.

Most importantly, you might just inspire another person to get off the couch and travel, which is ultimately what we’re hoping to achieve.

Note: Any articles with a commercial interest wishing to link to their business website will be considered a sponsored post. Please see our advertising page for more info. 

We may change or edit guest posts due to spelling, grammar, or factual accuracy. We reserve the right to refuse any post which we feel is unsuitable for any reason or if we feel it doesn’t meet an acceptable level of quality. As we are a backpackers with limited funds, we cannot offer payment for a guest post.

Wanna get paid to write for us?

Our team of contributors are passionate travelers who have are often experts in their field. If we publish your initial article you may be invited to become a paid contributor. We are always on the lookout for talented writers to help us create great content for our readers and currently in need of experts in the following fields:

Travel Writers

You are passionate about travel and writing. If you have a travel blog that you have been maintaining for at least 6 months we will link to your blog.

Frequent Flyers

Do you consider yourself an expert on all things to do with frequent flyers? You should be a status member in at least one mileage partner programs.


Do you know all about vaccinations and medication specifically for travelers? Help us educate people on the do’s and dont’s of travel health.

ESL Teachers

You currently work or previously worked as an ESL teacher overseas for a period of at least two years.

Work/Worked in Travel

Have you recently been working in one of the following roles: hospitality/hotels, airline crew, tour guides, cruise ship staff.


You are currently or  have been volunteering overseas in a program for an extended period of time.

Study Abroad

Have you previously worked in a study abroad program. Or participated in a student exchange program overseas for at least 6 months.

Food & Beverage

Are you a foodie? Does food determine where you travel? Do you work as a chef or in a restaurant?. Perhaps you love drinks and work as a bar tender.


Calling all adventure junkies. Do you scale mountains, jump from planes or do anything humanly possible to get your adrenaline pumping?