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Intimacy on the plate aphrodisiac seafood

In many world cultures, it has long been believed that the most honorable of all occupations are teaching, healing, and nurturing. Chefs in France are considered equal to great artists. The ability to co meals for erotic purposes is even greater still. Throughout history in cultures all around the world, all manner of natural ingredients have been used in coing for their aphrodisiac properties.

craft beers

Beer is probably the smallest, most common denominator of the backpacking community. Travelers get to know each other over a pint, decide to make a trip together in the course of a few sips and cling their bottles to say goodbye after a life-changing journey.

fish monger

If travel is an experience for all the senses, then trying out a country’s cuisine can also achieve the same thing. From seeing and touching the fresh ingredients of a meal, listening to the sizzle of an ingredient as it is being coed, smelling a dish’s aroma as it is being prepared, and finally savoring its taste – a food tour can provide a gastronomic ight to all the senses.


One of the most memorable aspects of traveling is a country’s food. Cuisines play an integral part in defining a nation’s culture – and whether you’re sampling a local icacy at a street market, being entertained by a family in their home, or dining out at an upmarket restaurant, here is a list of must-eat foods around the globe.

Skewered Scorpions and Grasshoppers

Are you up for anything? Got a stomach made of steel? Great, you’ll need it if you are up for eating some of these icacies. In this article we feature a selection of 30 of the most unusual foods you can find (and eat) across Asia.

Guinea pigs

Did you know that Guinea pigs were originally domesticated for their meat in the Andes? For many years, these cute little critters were cared for and consumed at ceremonial meals by the indigenous people of the Andean highlands.


How adventurous are you when it comes to eating local cuisine when you travel? To me, being immersed in a culture through food is one of the highlights of my travels. I’ve tried salty, oily, milky tea in Mongolia, pigs’ ears sauted in garlic in the Philippines and squirming live octopus tentacles in South Korea – and that’s just in Asia.