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Statues and monuments are often erected to honor history. Italy, for instance, built a statue dedicated to one of its greatest musicians. Cambodia, on the other hand, erected giant statues that serve as the embodiment of its faith.


When you hear the name of a city or a country, the first thing you’ll probably visualize is its landmarks. These landmarks are not only well-known attractions that are associated with a particular place – they also help give that location its identity.


Africa is full of unique and exotic wildlife, with over 1,100 different species of mammals and over 2,600 species of birds. In Africa, you can spot lions, giraffes and elephants on a safari, meet the world’s largest and smallest chameleons in Madagascar, or become acquainted with the world’s largest frog (the gorilla frog) in Cameroon. Conservationists are working to great lengths to protect Africa’s wildlife and wild lands so that they can be enjoyed for many generations to come.


Camera? Check. Comfortable shoes? Check. Credit card? Check. Enough room in your luggage for souvenirs and other items bought from your travels? Well…

Whether you’re a window shopper, bargain hunter, or want to shop ’til you drop, how much do you know about shopping destinations around the world? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Clock Tower

Travelers take all the time in the world just to go places. They believe that getting lost somewhere is never wasted time. As a traveler, you should be well-discipd and know how to value time. Make the most of it by discovering new places, making new friends, and by creating new experiences that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Today we’d like to test your knowledge with these famous clock towers around the world.


In today’s quiz, we want to test your knowledge and see how well you know specialty cuisines around Asia. Linger on the taste and remember which food you had when you went to these places.


In today’s quiz, we want to see how much of a boworm you are and how familiar you are with various boshops you get to see and visit during your travels. Read on and find out where you can visit these most interesting boshops around the world. Good luck!


How good are you at figuring out where someone is from, simply by the way they are dressed? When we travel, we always find it interesting to see how the local people dress in different situations in their own country. These often colorful and elaborate clothes can represent many things including social status. See if you can identify these national costumes.


You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the history and beautiful architecture of a well-designed church. Today, we want to test your knowledge and see how much you know about the following 12 churches from around the world.

lesser-known places

How well do you know your geography? This quiz is not going to be easy and will test your knowledge of the lesser-known regions around the world. If you can get a perfect score in this quiz you are truly a geography whiz.