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crave hydration pack

I’m all about action and adventure; you name it, we to go hiking, biking, and climbing. It’s important to stay hydrated during these types of activities but I’m personally not a huge fan of carrying a water bottle and prefer a hydration system instead.

backpack with packing cubes in it
Packing is one of those tasks we both love and loath. We love it 'cause it has a direct relationship with the excitement of an upcoming trip, yet we hate having to 'tetris' our clothes and belongings into our backpacks, only to remove and repack at every stop. Well, loath no more! I recently got [...]
DUBS earplugs

Designed by Doppler Labs, DUBS Acoustic Filters are a new breed of earplugs that use a sophisticated filtration system to reduce the sound pressure at different frequencies.

Outdoor Gear Power Pack Glide 2.0

For all you digital nomads out there, this is your perfect daypack! The Outdoor Products Power Pack Glide 2.0 daypack offers the perfect combination of storage, access and comfort for all of your important items during your travels.

Arpenaz 2 tent

If you ever decide to make your way over to Europe for a bit of backpacking and camping, the Quechua brand sold through the Decathalon chain of stores can be a surprising cheap alternative.