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Do you have a product or service that is relevant to backpackers? This includes tours, accommodation, flights, insurance, attraction passes, clothing, accessories, luggage, camera gear etc.

Promote your brand to thousands of budget conscious travelers by offering a discount (or free inclusions) on our travel offers page. Your offer will be promoted through this site, social media, and our newsletter and tracked accordingly.

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Stand Out with a Dedicated Deal Page

  • Showcase your offer even further with a Dedicated Deal Page
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  • Boost your company’s brand reputation
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Duration of Listing
# of Facebook shares
# of Twitter shares
# of Google + shares
Newsletter feature
Dedicated deal page
(Average cost per day)

Platinum Offer

Duration of Listing : 12 months
# of Facebook shares : 4
# of Twitter shares : 25
# of Google + shares : 4
Newsletter feature : Yes
Dedicated deal page : Yes
(Average cost per day): ($0.55)

Gold Offer

Duration of Listing : 90 days
# of Facebook shares : 2
# of Twitter shares : 10
# of Google + shares : 2
Newsletter feature : Yes
Dedicated deal page : No
(Average cost per day): ($1.10)

Silver Offer

Duration of Listing : 30 days
# of Facebook shares : 1
# of Twitter shares : 4
# of Google + shares : 1
Newsletter feature : No
Dedicated deal page : No
(Average cost per day): ($2.30)