Author: Amy

Amy is a bookish backpacker and British bookpacker who has called Hong Kong, Italy, Mexico and now Thailand home.

Do you know your Bangk from your Bangui? Your San Jose from your San Salvador? Your Guatemala City from your Panama City? OK, so maybe that last one is pretty self-explanatory. But, going beyond the usual culprits – Tyo, Paris, London… – capital cities can get pretty tricky. Think you know your countries and their capitals? Take this ultimate capitals quiz to find out.

Siem Reap is a backpacker destination with two faces. The first is the breathtaking ancient city of temples that is Angkor, home to the famous towers of Angkor Wat, where many travelers make a pilgrimage to watch the sunrise. The other face comes out after dark in Siem Reap’s infamous Bar Street, where beer is cheaper than water!


Spirituality means different things to different people. For some, it’s religious significance, such as completing the Hajj to Mecca or setting foot on the summit of Mount Sinai, where Moses received the ten commandments. For others, it’s remote introspection, surrounded natural beauty; a reminder of the power of mother nature and the opportunity to find a quiet place to meditate. For others still, it’s a feeling beyond explanation; a place with an ancient mystery that remains unsolved, or a location with an energy that simply can’t be put into words.


Swimming, snorkeling, or diving with whale sharks is high up on many wildlife-watchers’ travel bucket list. Paddling next to the world’s largest non-mammalian vertebrate certainly gives you some perspective! These giants of the sea grow up to 10, 15, or even 20 meters in length, depending on who you ask – making them the double-decker buses of the fish world (a reputation reinforced by Disney’s Finding Nemo). They may be big in size, but little is known about these mysterious marine creatures, only adding to their allure!


Tumbling torrents, foaming falls, cascading cataracts, and plunges into pixie-like pools, perfect for swimming in after a long, waterfall-chasing hike. Asia’s vast and diverse landscapes are home to a wide selection of wonder-inducing waterfalls, from the tranquil trickles of Japan’s Nunobiki to the thunderous power of India’s Unchalli.


Do you know your Iceland from your Ireland? Mauritius from Madagascar? The Isle of Wight from the Isle of Man?

Put your knowledge to the test with this travel picture quiz of some of the world’s most bed and visited islands; the ultimate trivia round to separate the wannabe islets from the well-traveled islands. White sands to electric skys, mountain peaks to ancient ruins… do you think you can recognize these islands from just one photo? Challenge accepted.


Some travelers follow their head, others their heart, but me? I listen to my stomach, deciphering its rumbles and following where it directs me to go, based on which exotic flavors and authentic dishes I can’t wait to taste next.