Author: Beth Grylls

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Imagine someone, or in this case, something wants to sleep next to you.  Guests reported that a man asked if he can sleep next to them in room 10, and each room has a different story. People saw a headless human-like figure in room 8, and a weird ghostly congregation in room 3.


Hit the road and see this place for yourself, it is known as one of the top and most haunted hotels of all. The history of this hotel is so creepy, most of the scary activities happen in room 007.


New York is the city that never sleeps and so does the ghosts in the Chelsea Hotel. The death of Nancy Spungen has left its mark in the hotel; she was stabbed several times and left to meet her demise, the first suspect of this tragedy was her boyfriend Sid Vicious, who later died from an overdose.

As her body has left the hotel, it los like her soul didn’t, reports from guests that they could feel some cold spots on their skin, sometimes hot, spoy wind in closed rooms, and personal items being relocated. What adds even horror, strange sounds of doors were heard, as if the trapped soul wants to leave.


Arguably the most famous resident of the hotel, the Lady in Blue is one of the reasons why a lot of people flock to the hotel. There are various stories attached to the ghost but almost all of them agree that she is the ghost of one of the hotel’s guests, Patricia Wilson. It was in 1936 when Ms. Wilson moved to Louisville from Oklahoma. She had recently separated from her husband of four years. In an effort to work things out with her husband, they both agreed to meet in Seelbach.


It’s the perfect house to meet many lost spirits and ghosts since the Bourbon hotel first opened as a ballroom. Later on, it was transformed into an orphanage. Sadly, in the late 1800s, a yellow fever epidemic stre, leaving many children to die.


Everywhere you can see weird things; some guests have claimed to have seen human-shaped spirits in some places, flickering lights, and faucets turning on and off. Since Salem is where the Salem Witch Trials to place, there is no doubt that the hotel is haunted.


Be careful when you go inside this house because at any moment you could encounter something creepy. Many guests report cases of hearing children playing and laughing and even felt a cold presence in their sleep. It is believed those ghosts belong to the Kehoe children who died in the house.


Julia died at 52 in 1896, Abraham following her in 1913. But Julia has never truly left La Posada de Santa Fe: Her ghost has been periodically seen in the Staab House, part of the resort open for guests to stay in.


One step into this hotel and you will feel the unusual ghostly presence. Marty and Elise Roenigk were the first to sense that weird feeling. They even hired experts to check the place out, and they weren’t disappointed: a lot of sightings and evidence of the paranormal were recorded at the time.

The hotel owners to advantage of the situation by doing ghost tours. The timing of the tour is in the night what is making the experience bizarre and creepy. Of course, you can go there and live the experience yourself, but keep in mind, this it’s not for faint-hearted people.