Author: Christine Kinori

Life is but a dream, dare to dream

The great thing about hostels is that they are low budget and you are able to easily mingle with like-minded travelers. There are amazing hostels which will leave you thinking you are in a luxurious five -star hotel. The architectural design, décor, and services are exemplary. If you are ever in any part of Africa, you should definitely check in to one of these hostels.


Modernization is a global phenomenon; we are often in a constant need to make everything easier through the use of technology. I am really glad to have been born in this era where the world is a global village and information is just a tap away, however, there are some communities in the world that are still keeping their traditions alive and have no desire to join the modern world.

Uganda is famously referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for its breath-taking scenic beauty, rich culture and ability to create great amazing experiences for its tourists. If you are planning to visit Uganda here are a few things you should schedule on your trip.