Author: Greg Reynolds

Greg is one half of a couple of Aussie adventurers who traveled from Singapore to London, then Cape Town to Singapore without taking a single flight.
Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, you can spend your morning immersing yourself in centuries of history, your afternoon burning off energy with adrena-packed adventures, and your evening enjoying great food, drinks and music. This city has everything an intrepid backpacker is loing for.

Crossing Snow Lake

When you think of “trekking” most people might not immediately contemplate Pakistan. But the Northern areas better known as Kashmir, have some of the most majestic treks on the planet. The two most popular are K2 base camp, where you can see the dramatic Karakoram Mountains while walking up the Baltoro glacier, and the spectacular Biafo Hispar glacier trek also know as Snow Lake.