Author: Lac Campbell

Lachlan is a freelance copywriter from Australia who loves travelling the world writing and surfing. Based in Portugal, he spends most of his time scouring the coast looking for a decent wave, that is unless he’s in the home office creating content for major companies such as Wrangler, DAVIDOFF and Heineken. Lac also manages his own blog, which is aimed at providing other freelancers who share his passion for surfing with humorous and sometimes even useful advice.

A learn to surf trip, whether with friends or solo, is a guaranteed good time. Not only will you have fun learning a new skill, but you’ll also get to visit some unbelievable Instagram-worthy destinations. What’s , surf lessons are a great value for money experience if you’re a backpacker. Given that you get all of your gear provided plus an expert guide to show you the difference between nosediving and hanging ten.


‘Weligama’ means sandy village, which is an apt name for a town that sits right next to a sweeping bay. Half fishing village and half energetic surf town, it is the perfect spot for beginners who want to refine their wave riding skills while on holiday in Sri Lanka.


Off Canada’s west coast is the town of Tofino. With its wild natural scenery that encompasses lakes, ancient rainforests and, sandy beaches, it is a popular surf destination amongst Canadians and backpacking internationals alike.


Contrary to popular belief, there are other places to learn to surf in Australia besides Sydney. Perth for one has waves all year round that rarely get over waist high, making it the ideal place for beginner surfers.


Regarded as England’s foremost learn to surf destination, Newquay features great waves and the type of relaxed atmosphere that’s typical of surf towns around the world.


Cocoa Beach is the birthplace of 11 times world champion Kelly Slater, so it goes without saying that it must have some great waves. And while you may not become an instant surfing star after a couple of sessions here, you will get to claim that you learned to surf at the same beach as this celebrated competitor.


Situated at the western tip of the Algarve, Sagres is one of the most desirable learn to surf towns in Portugal and Europe. Visitors to this laidback destination can expect to find a of beach-loving locals and beginner surfers sharing the waves.


African, Indian and colonial influences blend together to give Durban an almost indescribable attractiveness. Beyond its unique of cultures though, there are also some pretty awesome waves as well.