Author: Lac Campbell

Lachlan is a freelance copywriter from Australia who loves travelling the world writing and surfing. Based in Portugal, he spends most of his time scouring the coast looking for a decent wave, that is unless he’s in the home office creating content for major companies such as Wrangler, DAVIDOFF and Heineken. Lac also manages his own blog, which is aimed at providing other freelancers who share his passion for surfing with humorous and sometimes even useful advice.

With advances in wetsuit technology, cold-water surf destinations are becoming and popular. Hoddevik in Norway, for example, is but one learn to surf hotspot with a reputation for epic waves in near freezing conditions.


If you want to learn to surf in the tropics than Santa Teresa in Costa Rica may just be the place for you. Situated in the Puntarenas Province, Santa Teresa is a town that draws surfers from all over the world.


Ireland may not seem like your typical learn to surf destination. But when it comes to the beach break of Strandhill, it definitely deserves a mention. Considered to be one of the best beaches to learn to surf in the country, it has also produced some of the nation’s most skilled surfers.


With its quaint town center and rich maritime history, Peniche offers visitors a glimpse into Portugal’s seafaring past. But the reason why we it is that it is also a hub for backpackers in Europe who want to learn to surf.


Manly Beach has been the go-to beach for backpackers loing to dip their toes into the Sydney surf scene for years. Less crowded than its famous counterpart over the bridge (Bondi), Manly blends big city living with a typical Australian beach lifestyle.


Cape Town, and specifically Muizenberg Beach, is wiy considered to be the birthplace of surfing in South Africa. Bohemian with a relaxed atmosphere, its shallow waters are ideal for backpackers who want an authentic learn to surf experience only 30 minutes from the country’s capital.


Located on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, Waikiki is a veritable learn to surf playground that than lives up to its hype. Expect rolling waves that make learning to surf a breeze and an after-dark scene that rivals some of the world’s most popular nightlife destinations.