Author: Lac Campbell

Lachlan is a freelance copywriter from Australia who loves travelling the world writing and surfing. Based in Portugal, he spends most of his time scouring the coast looking for a decent wave, that is unless he’s in the home office creating content for major companies such as Wrangler, DAVIDOFF and Heineken. Lac also manages his own blog, which is aimed at providing other freelancers who share his passion for surfing with humorous and sometimes even useful advice.

A favorite destination amongst intrepid surfers loing to evade those brisk European winters, Taghazout is an alluring learn to surf mecca located only a couple of short flights south of the Old World on Morocco’s Atlantic coast.


This hippie-hideout-cum-backpacker hotspot is a magnet for eager learn to surfers from all over the world… and for good reason. Located in Australia’s bucolic Northern Rivers region, Byron Bay is the complete package when it comes to surfing destinations.


Bali is known as the ‘Island of the gods’ for good reason. With surf spots for all skill levels dotted around its southwest and southeast coast, plus ample opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture, it’s a backpacker’s learn to surf heaven on earth.

Tourist traps are the very antithesis of all that’s good and wholesome about traveling. Whether it’s a tuk-tuk ride via a family jewelry store, a souvenir shop at the foot of an ancient monument or an all-inclusive beachside resort, they overpromise and underwhelm, overprice and underdeliver. They can also be the difference between a great [...]