Author: Lisa Parsons

Lisa Parsons works in the travel industry because she likes compartmentalized airplane food and drinking wine in exotic locations. She has roamed far and wide from South America to North America to Europe and Africa. Hailing from South Africa, she studied languages and journalism and is a freelance writer and part-time actress in her spare time. Look out for her at the Oscars in 6 years' time.
ski or snowboard

As the temperatures in the Northern hemisphere drop we trade surf for snow, and what better place to be for winter than Europe. Not just for the rich and famous, snow sports open their chilly legs wide for all to enjoy.

Venice Carnival

Time. The main ingredient needed to create, evolve, erode and adapt. To create tradition, habit, ritual and culture. What’s cultured yoghurt? Old yoghurt. What’s cheese? Old cultured milk. What’s fine wine? Old fermented grapes.