Author: Meghan Waters Mbaye

Meghan is a contributor for Backpacker Travel. She is an avid traveler who is always up for a new adventure. Meghan loves exploring new parts of the world, especially in Africa and Latin America.
Taking a photo of hot air balloons

Asia is a vast continent with 48 countries and a population of 4.56 billion people, the most populous on the planet. Its varied destinations range from the deserts of Saudi Arabia to the futuristic cities of Korea and Japan, to emerging economic giants India and China. You could spend a lifetime visiting and getting to know this extraordinary part of the globe!

Napali Coast

We are probably all dreaming of a holiday in the sun right now while we’re stuck at home in quarantine. Who wouldn’t want a break from it all on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Here are some of the best ways to stay fit and experience all the best parts of Hawaii.