Author: Michael Glass

Michael is the founder of Backpacker Travel. He also runs walking tours in San Francisco and is a freelance travel writer. Michael is extremely passionate about travel and loves to explore festivals around the world.

Enjoy panoramic mountain views and the sensational feeling of flying high above the lakes and towns of the Jungfrau region. Your experienced pilot will ensure a smooth take off, a safe flight and a gentle landing.

Mount Tempest

The classic travel question, mountains or beach? Do you prefer to take some time lounging on the sand or climbing towering peaks? Well, why not combine both? If you just can’t decide between the two, sand dunes may be the answer. Mountains of sand offering the opportunity to hike, board, camp, or just chill.

Rub’ al Khali

The mother of all deserts, the epicenter of all sand dunes, the Rub’ al Khali is a massive desert that spans across several countries in the Arabian Peninsula. This vast, unbren desert sprawls on and on and on and can be pretty intimidating to the average traveler. If you have it in you to make the trek into these dunes, though, you will not be disappointed. You can step totally off the grid and go for days on days in this incredible natural wonder. Just make sure to take an experienced guide and lots of food and water!


Chile has excellent skiing and gorgeous mountains, but it also has some really great dunes. There are several locations spread out throughout Atacama, each equally as beautiful and offering excellent options for adventure sports enthusiasts. Check out Valle de la Muerte, Cerro Dragon, Medanoso or Cerro Iman if you want to try your hand at world-class sandboarding.

Cerro Negro

Cerro Negro is not technically a sand dune, but it made our list because it does have some of the coolest sandboarding options in the world and is essentially a black sand dune. This is actually an active volcano whose slopes are made of an ashy black sand that makes for excellent boarding. Don’t just go for the volcano, though, spend some time in the surrounding area which is quaint and beautiful and just a really tremendous place to visit.


Located in Chihuahua, Mexico, the Samalayuca Dune Fields offer every sand related activity you could imagine, including sandboarding, ATVs, Jeeps and even bubble soccer! While in the neighborhood, take some time to explore the Samalayuca mountains where you can find cave paintings believed to be over 1,500 years old. At night, sip on sotol, the locally distilled liquor and gaze up into the wide-open skies full of stars.

Médanos de Coro National Park

Roll (literally) down the massive sand dunes of Médanos as you enjoy one of Venezuela’s prettiest sites and you will not regret it. The extremely fine sand of these dunes allows you to easily jump or roll down them, without needing a sled or board, totally free of charge. The Médanos dunes show off some of what makes Venezuela spectacularly beautiful and so much than what the news has shown as of late.