Author: Michael Glass

Michael is the founder of Backpacker Travel. He also runs walking tours in San Francisco and is a freelance travel writer. Michael is extremely passionate about travel and loves to explore festivals around the world.
On the search for coffee

As the world’s most addictive drug, a trip to Nicaragua naturally included a visit to Cafe Las Flores, which has been cultivating coffee for three generations. Situated along the slopes of Mombacho Volcano (we got there from Granada), Cafe Las Flores has been recognized by the Rainforest Alliance Certification for its sustainable and organic practices.

sky trek zipline

Sky Trek is a thrilling zip located in Monteverde. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views. From this area, you will start riding down on a zip track stretching across canyons and in between treetops.

Skyline Zipline

You will ride in a comfortable harness and fly down a unique cable system, reaching speeds between 120 and 140km/h. Calgary’s highest vantage point, the Ski Jump Tower at Canada Olympic Park, provides a jump that is 550-meters long with a vertical drop of than 100 meters.

asia longest dual zipline

The Zip Zone is Asia’s longest zip. It is located in Bukidnon, Philippines. Zip Zone’s Dual Carrying cables are each 840 meters long point to point with a drop in elevation of 100 meters and speeds between 60-100 KPH.