Author: Oana Pauna

Hello, I live in Romania, and my travel lust is growing fast. Since I work as a full-time copywriter, I have the freedom to design my daily agenda in which I am trying to insert as many travels as possible. I am only exploring Romania right now, but I would love to see some foreign land and explore different cultures. My biggest dream is to become a digital nomad traveling the whole world and meeting new people every day. Writing is my superpower, and I plan to use it until the end of my days. Combining my two passions: writing and reading with traveling would mean the world for me. My motto is "Cogito ergo sum" which in Latin means "I think, so I exist."

Rainforest Conservation Center is the perfect place for spotting endangered species like giant river otters, black spider monkeys, and white-lipped peccaries. The species you can see don’t end there, imagine meeting a tree frog, armadillo or even exotic birds like tanagers, antbirds, or puffbirds – they all wait to be discovered and admired.


Colombia’s pearl is the Lost City situated in the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia. Here the Tairona people have dominated the land for thousands of years, but it all ended once the Spanish colonists came.


Tortuguero National Park is a remote coastal town accessible only by boat or a small plane. This place is filled with canals, beaches, and jungles that are just waiting to be explored and d by tourists from all over the world.


Cinquera Rain Forest Park is situated in San Salvador, and it sums up what makes a jungle adventure memorable. There are multiple tours, and at least one is held in English. What makes this park memorable is the Ranger Rafael who is a guerilla fighter during the civil war, and this guy has plenty of incredible stories.


People can experience all that Panama has to offer on an organized trip where they can both see the beauty of the woods and enjoy a quality meal and a wide variety of activities. One place tourists to see is Gatun Lake through the Panama Canal. Here they have the opportunity to see large mammals, amphibian bird’s, and reptile species.


When you hear the word Belize I bet you only think about perfect sand beaches and crystal clear blue water. The truth is that Belize has much to offer. If you’re into jungle adventures, this is the perfect place to start your incredible jungle vacation.

You probably heard about Romania before. It is an Eastern European country located near Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary which you probably know better. This country has it all: seaside, mountains, hills, plains, rivers, volcanoes, abundant wildlife, and many cultural attractions. To help you save your time, we narrowed the information to 10 best things [...]