Author: Ross

Ross is our token Scot... I mean, who doesn't love a guy who can sport a kilt. As an avid backpacker, he packed up his life and has recently moved to Melbourne, Australia. We'll forgive him for not choosing Sydney.

Did you know that there is such a thing as cenosillicaphobia? The fear of an empty beer glass. Millions of men and women suffer from this heartbreaking
condition on a night out with friends.

No beer drinker can travel around the world without sampling the local
produce so lets test your knowledge and tell us which countries these beers are

Leonardo Dicaprio in 'The Beach'

Everyone has a favourite TV show or movie that they have seen about 50 times, know every , every location, every actor/actress, the costume designers and the dude who played ‘Bad guy #2’. Or is that just me?

Around the world, small and often unknown rural areas have transformed into huge tourist attractions due to them being featured in blockbuster movies, while others were famous long before they set foot on the silver screen. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find out that your favourite locations are than that, they have history, great scenery or something else to offer.

We’ve compiled a list of our favourites from around the world. Is yours here?