Author: Scott MacKinnon

Author, Shrimp Farmer, Human. Scott is a man on a mission. Throughout the years he has traveled the globe, raised a bunch of money for charity, authored a book and is certainly living life to the fullest. Check out his latest adventures at
Worlds Most Dangerous Road

Mention the North Yungas Road to most people and you probably won’t get much of a reaction, that is until you explain that this infamous 70km stretch of asphalt and dirt is commonly know as the Most Dangerous Road in the World or ‘Death Road’.

Winding through the dunes

48 hrs from Montanita I found myself in the desert oasis of Huacachina. It was a long time coming but I had been longing to get here ever since I laid eyes on its beauty in a picture I had randomly stumbled on years ago. When I say desert oasis, I truly mean it…