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How to Spend a Day in Vegas

There are literally hundreds of things you can do in Las Vegas. It’s not the Entertainment Capital of the World for nothing! You’ll need a few days, at least, to explore everything there is to explore. Still, being short on time doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t enjoy the city. Here are a few suggestions to [...]

What Makes Online Money Transfers a Better Alternative to Banks

The digital age is an age of convenience and this is quite true of international money transfers as well. Gone are the days when you needed to physically visit a bank to make a transfer. These days you can do it online from right where you are, be it over the internet or using your [...]

How Traveling Can Boost Your Kids Foreign Language Skills?

Do you want your kids to speak foreign languages, but it seems like your son and daughter have no interest in learning at all? Here is a tip for you. Don’t force your kids to study.

Lesser-known Attractions to Visit in Paris

The beautiful and vibrant city of Paris is a much-loved and hugely popular destination among visitors from around the globe. The French capital has plenty to offer in terms of culture, great cuisine, excellent shopping, rich history, and a host of world-famous sights and attractions. It is well worth exploring some of the lesser-known sights [...]

4 Tips For A Successful Safari Trip

If you’re planning to take a safari for the first time, there may be many questions looming in the air. Although there are many guides that teach you precisely what you need to do before you start your trip, here are four tips that most people don’t tell you.

How To Source Multiple Travel Insurance Quotes Quickly

Travel insurance is one of the absolute essentials that you need to include on any holiday checklist. Making sure that you have adequate coverage for you and each member of your household when you depart is one of the best ways to have peace of mind during your holiday. However, with so many providers offering [...]

5 Breathtaking Places to Visit in St.Petersburg

St.Petersburg, the second-largest city in Russia, is known as a cultural hub of the country located on the banks of the Baltic Sea. The long history left a rich heritage in the form of colorful orthodox architecture, thematic museums, historical statues, and diverse cultures.

7 Steps to Prevent Altitude Sickness When Climbing Kilimanjaro

As you look at the huge peak looming in the distance you instantly want to conquer it. You think about slowly working your way to the top and seeing the surrounding land from the height of several kilometers. What you don’t think about is the altitude sickness that can stop you on your tracks.

Take Our World Capital Quiz! [QUIZ]

Do you know your Bangkok from your Bangui? Your San Jose from your San Salvador? Your Guatemala City from your Panama City? OK, so maybe that last one is pretty self-explanatory. But, going beyond the usual culprits – Tokyo, Paris, London… – capital cities can get pretty tricky. Think you know your countries and their capitals? Take this ultimate capitals quiz to find out.

Best Backpacking Destinations in Southeast Asia [2020]

Siem Reap is a backpacker destination with two faces. The first is the breathtaking ancient city of temples that is Angkor, home to the famous towers of Angkor Wat, where many travelers make a pilgrimage to watch the sunrise. The other face comes out after dark in Siem Reap’s infamous Bar Street, where beer is cheaper than water!

How Backpackers Can Enjoy Miami on a Budget

Miami allures everyone with its diverse cuisine, white-sand beaches, burgeoning art scene, and vibrant night-life. The weather is ideal for enjoying the beachfront all year round, so you will not need to carry a warm jacket.

Where from around the world do these hats come from? [Quiz]

From Fez’s to Fedora’s this quiz will really test your knowledge of hats from around the world! So why don’t you take a moment and see how you do on our global hat quiz!

Backpacking in Greece – A Country Full of Adventure

If you’ve ever heard anything about Greece before, then you will know just how beautiful this country is. You are now invited to be charmed in person. This historic country is also known as the Hellenic Republic, it was here that democracy was created. Even the Olympic Games originated here, not to mention the unique ancient architecture that you will see all around. No matter where you go, you’ll always find interesting and lovely locals, be stunned by the views, and make some lifelong memories.

Best Spots to Go Camping in California

California is home to such incredible diversity that it’s difficult to even know where to begin. But if you’re looking to explore the Golden State while getting your fill outdoor adventuring, camping is the way to go. And, fortunately, there’s no shortage of amazing campsites in California. Many of them are even located within the very state and national parks you’re already planning to visit. It doesn’t get more convenient than that, does it?

Music Festivals Around the World [Quiz]

Do you know your Glastonbury from your Coachella, poke your head out your tent and test your music festival knowledge with our global festival quiz!

You may even discover a new festival to add to your music bucket list…

Happy quizzing!

The 7 Local Dishes You Must Try in Thailand

Thai food is truly like no other, and it is the kind of food that seems to appeal to people of various cultures. Everyone likes Thai food, and it’s been rare to come across someone who says otherwise.

Romantic Getaways for Your Next Travel Adventure in the United States

There’s no shortage of romantic destinations in the US. America is a country that’s full of charming towns and cities, no matter how big or small. 

Tartaruga Camping

Tartaruga could almost be an imaginary place that is too good to be true, but it does exist. A full white beach that tempts you to swim and enjoy the seawater or you can watch loggerhead turtles that visit the beach. Also, you can taste delicious Greek cuisine in the restaurants nearby where the food is always fresh.

Adventurous Honeymoon Ideas and Stays

Honeymoons are all about relaxation, a good time, and romance but how about making your honeymoon adventurous? If you and your partner are very adventurous and active individuals, you might want to take a look at some of the best adventure honeymoon destinations we have specifically picked for you on this list.

Travel Picture Quiz: Islands [QUIZ]

Do you know your Iceland from your Ireland? Mauritius from Madagascar? The Isle of Wight from the Isle of Man?

Put your knowledge to the test with this travel picture quiz of some of the world’s most beloved and visited islands; the ultimate trivia round to separate the wannabe islets from the well-traveled islands. White sands to electric skylines, mountain peaks to ancient ruins… do you think you can recognize these islands from just one photo? Challenge accepted.

10 Food Experiences you Must Have in Italy

Italy, the land of amore, Vespa’s and, of course, great food. Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Dishes are often kept simple, showcasing high-quality, fresh ingredients. Ingredients are best sourced locally, and there is a strong farm-to-table connection. The traditional recipes are passed down through generations. Ask any Italian person who cooks the best food, and the answer will likely be “my mother.”

Name the Famous Lakes [Quiz]

Do you know your freshwater from your salt lakes, from warm and tropical to icy waters this quiz will really test your knowledge of some of the most beautiful bodies of water across this earth!

Best African Hostels 2019

The great thing about hostels is that they are low budget and you are able to easily mingle with like-minded travelers. There are amazing hostels which will leave you thinking you are in a luxurious five -star hotel. The architectural design, décor, and services are exemplary. If you are ever in any part of Africa, you should definitely check in to one of these hostels.

Top 10 Things to Eat in Romania

Romania has a rich history and plenty of places to see. The people are friendly, and most of them have excellent English skills, but the fascinating thing about them, the idea that will drive you straight there is their traditional food. Your taste buds will be delighted with an explosion of flavors.

The Best and Worst Passports to Travel on

We all love to travel, but international travel is more accessible to some than others. Whether it is due to money, geographical location, or restricted time off work, not everyone can travel as much as they want. And sometimes it just down to the dumb luck of your nationality. You might not realize it, but passport privilege is real.

13 Places to Go for the World’s Best Street Food

Some travelers follow their head, others their heart, but me? I listen to my stomach, deciphering its rumbles and following where it directs me to go, based on which exotic flavors and authentic dishes I can’t wait to taste next.

5 Mountains in Africa to Climb Before You Die

If you are planning a trip to Africa - or are merely an avid hiker - you may have wondered what the best mountain ranges on this expansive continent might be. Home to some of the most fascinating geological features and gorgeous plant and wildlife species in the world, these five mountains in Africa should [...]

How 10 Years of World Travel Changed my View of Humanity

In the almost ten years since I left my childhood home in San Diego at 18 to explore our planet, the meaning of travel has changed for me. It is not about being extreme or unconventional like it was in the beginning. It is about exploring myself through the catalyst of new experiences.

10 Free Things To Do in Edinburgh

Edinburgh is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Medieval architecture gives the city a magical atmosphere, especially around Christmas. But this lively city is popular with tourists year round. Luckily, a trip to Edinburgh doesn’t have to break the bank as there are plenty of free activities you can do here. 1. Learn [...]

5 Tips for Avoiding Tourist Traps like a Pro

Tourist traps are the very antithesis of all that’s good and wholesome about traveling. Whether it’s a tuk-tuk ride via a family jewelry store, a souvenir shop at the foot of an ancient monument or an all-inclusive beachside resort, they overpromise and underwhelm, overprice and underdeliver. They can also be the difference between a great [...]

5 Under Rated Thrill Seeking Activities You Must Try

No travel crew is complete without the thrill seeker. The adrenaline junky who leads the search for the next big dare or hit of danger. So often though, thrill-seeking becomes synonymous with sky diving or hang gliding, with adrenaline lovers from all over the world flocking to the most Instagram worthy peaks they can find [...]

Top 10 Things to See in Romania

You probably heard about Romania before. It is an Eastern European country located near Bulgaria, Serbia, Ukraine, Moldova, Hungary which you probably know better. This country has it all: seaside, mountains, hills, plains, rivers, volcanoes, abundant wildlife, and many cultural attractions. To help you save your time, we narrowed the information to 10 best things [...]

The Maldives on a Backpacker Budget

You've all seen the Instagram photos of bronzed celebrities frolicking on the white sand beaches of the Maldives. And you've probably heard that it costs anywhere between $300 per night and $50,000 per night (underwater suite at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island) to stay there. But have you heard that the number of guesthouses and boutique [...]

Top 10 Things to See in North Carolina

On the East Coast of the USA is where North Carolina is located. This state really shines! From the mountains to the sea North Carolina has something for everyone. We know your travel time is precious, so we’ve narrowed it down to the 10 best things to see during your time in the tar heel state.

How Well Do You Know These UNESCO Sites? [Quiz]

UNESCO has declared more than 1,000 locations on its World Heritage List; a roster of cultural and/or natural sites considered to be of “Outstanding Universal Value”. How well do you know these places? Test your knowledge and take the quiz below to find out.

Interesting Things to do in Uganda

Uganda is famously referred to as the ‘Pearl of Africa’ for its breath-taking scenic beauty, rich culture and ability to create great amazing experiences for its tourists. If you are planning to visit Uganda here are a few things you should schedule on your trip.

Adventuring in Atlanta: Top Outdoor Activities to Explore

Atlanta is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Warm weather throughout the year and a variety of fun activities to explore, make Atlanta a great place to get outside and stoke your sense of adventure. Here are five of the top outdoor activities to consider in this vibrant and eclectic city!

Ten Top Tricks to Improve Drone Video Editing

Drones have soared in popularity and quality in the past few years, however, not everyone can fly one! The thought of flying a drone can be overwhelming and if you want to film with one the challenge can increase substantially. Furthermore, drone video editing is not a simple hobby as it requires skill and learning.

Top 10 Places to Visit in St Petersburg

Saint Petersburg is considered the official cultural capital of Russia. Boasting many centuries of rich heritage and unique architecture, it’s a city that warrants full exploration. But if you simply don’t have time to see all that’s on offer, you’ll need to set your sights on the city’s highlights.

Tasty Travels: Top 8 Asian Food Experiences

Being the largest and most populous continent, Asia also holds an incredibly diverse and flavorsome cuisine, which many tourists fail to properly explore. Scattered throughout the multitude of countries, are some must-experience gems of the Asian culture which are necessities for any connoisseur.

5 Ways to Earn Money While Backpacking Across the Country

The rustle of the wind in the leaves, the crackle of the campfire, the quiet of dawn as the sun rises, nothing compares to the beauty and serenity of camping.

Secrets to Traveling Light and Cheaply

Whether you’re traveling for several weeks, or even just a weekend, there’s one thing you don’t want to do: over-pack. Use these proven tips to travel light (and cheaply) during your next trip.

6 Tips for Staying Active When You Travel

Some people use traveling as an excuse to just lay on the beach and not lift a finger. Others can’t wait to get active in another country. Whichever side of the fence you’re on, these tips will help you increase your activity levels when you travel. You may even get back home feeling healthier than when you left!

As Brexit Looms What’s in Store for British Holidaymakers?

Brexit, referring to Britain’s planned withdrawal from the European Union (EU), has left many British holidaymakers wondering what will be in store for them once the UK leaves.

What to Pack for a Ski Trip

Packing for a ski holiday can turn out to be a herculean task. You definitely don’t want to leave important items at home. A snow trip means that you’ll be out on the slopes for most of the day so you need to be comfortable and anything less will likely see you racing towards the cabin to save yourself from cold.

Top Fun Things to do in Bangkok

The capital of Thailand is a fascinating place to visit with lots of cool places you can visit. There are also some rather unusual things but you tend to find plenty of strange things when you travel abroad. This lively city seems to never go to sleep so you can expect a very fun and dynamic nightlife. And with such a huge population and can rest assured that there are people of all types of all financial means, and this city is equipped to suit them all.

18 of the Best Things to do in Maui

Maui is an island located in Hawaii and it is like a tropical paradise. If you think a trip to Maui is just beaches and lazy pool parties, let me tell you this is not the case. Sure beach is a big part of the trip to Maui but there is a lot more to see and experience on this beautiful island. From the lovely culture to absolutely breath-taking natural sights, it’s totally worth visiting.

6 Techniques to Stay Safe While Trekking Through Mountainous Areas

Nothing compares to a hike, especially in a mountainous region. There are adventures to be had along the way, and the promise of a gorgeous summit view as a reward. Food tastes better here, and it never feels like a workout at the gym. However, if you consider yourself a newbie and have no idea how your super outdoorsy friends became such experts, remember that when it comes to hiking the safety rules are pretty basic. Once you get those down, you can start expanding into more challenging areas (like snowshoeing in the mountains or overnight camping).

Explore Morocco: The Highlights of Marrakech

Once an imperial city, Marrakech is a very popular destination for tourists and one of the most popular in the Maghreb. It is home to stunning palaces, gardens, and mosques, as well as the famous souk markets and the Jemaa el-Fnaa square. Marrakech, with its medieval and modern quarters, will captivate you with an incredible array of thing to do and see.

Idesort Packing Cubes, Mixed Color Luggage Organizer [Review]

Travel can be one of the most amazing experiences in life, but packing and keeping all things in order throughout the trip can be very challenging. Having the proper gear can help you get rid of this unhappy scenario and using packing cubes may be the solution.

Finding The Universe in Montenegro

Montenegro (meaning the Black Mountain) is a small coastal country in Southeastern Europe overlooking the Adriatic sea. Even though it covers an area of just 13,812 sq mi, this little gem of nature is rapidly becoming one of the more attractive travel destinations in the world. The key to its increasing popularity lies in its undefinable essence.

How to Backpack Australia Like a Pro

No matter where you plan to backpack, the start of your journey can be just as intimidating as it is exciting. In a destination as expansive and unique as Australia, you may never know what you’re truly in for until you experience it first hand.

World Capitals [Quiz]

How extensive is your knowledge of geography? We all know that Paris is the capital of France, but are you familiar with the other countries? This test will measure the extent of your geography knowledge regarding the capitals of the world. Are you up for the challenge?

Passport Pro Global Travel Adapter [Review]

If you've ever visited another country you no doubt know that powering your devices can be a challenge. Unfortunately, there is no universally adopted power configuration, meaning that you'll definitely need to invest in a power adapter at some point. With so many options available, how do you make sure you're choosing the right one? [...]

23 Sustainable Travel Tips for Backpackers

Would you rather be sustainable or unsustainable when you travel? The answer is probably “yes”, right? It’s a bit like asking if you’d rather pass your driving test or fail it. But, you’re probably still left wondering “what is sustainable travel?”.

8 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Traveling is fun and this is the reason why we all love vacations. However, the traveling thrill comes with its fair share of challenges. For most people, the question is how to maintain the balance between having fun and remaining healthy.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Spain

Spain has a wide range of attractions that make it among the best tourist destination in the world. In this article, we will look at the Top five reasons why you should visit Spain.

The Start-to-Finish Guide for Moving to a New Place

Without a doubt, moving is one of the most challenging things you will ever live through. It is a challenge moving from one home to another, or from one state to another. But, moving to a different country brings a whole new set of challenges.

Tips for Eating Local Food When You Travel

One of the best aspects of traveling for me is food! Traditional recipes, exotic spices, aroma and the flavors… there is something about the culinary world which is exciting, and every destination will take you on a different journey.

10 Things to do in Queenstown for Backpackers

Queenstown offers many interesting places to visit, and while it is one of the main centers for tourism in New Zealand, there are still plenty of entertainment options that are free, or really inexpensive. Here are our top ten things to do in Queenstown for backpackers.

10 Top Travel Destinations for Rest and Relaxation

What is your meaning of a relaxing holiday? For some, it’s lying back, drenching up the sun and disregarding life’s anxieties and strains. For others, it’s traveling to new destinations, while a few holidaymakers like to remain nearer to home.

A Hostel With Heart: Ruamoko Hostel in Nicaragua

Make sure you read until the end for a special promotional discount! When you’re traveling for stretches at a time, parts of your travels can seem like a blur. Whether it’s being overwhelmed by the countless number of temples in Japan, or eating way too much sauerkraut in Germany, too much of anything can feel [...]

World Flags [Quiz]

Think you are a total geography pro and could name any flag in the world? Test that theory with this quiz, one of the hardest flag quizzes you will ever take in your life! Good luck (you’ll need it)! 

Film Locations [Quiz]

All travelers have that one movie that they love more for the scenery than for the story. Not all movies are filmed in Hollywood, or even in the place they are depicting. Test how well you know where your favorite movies were actually filmed with this quick quiz. Good Luck! 

City Beaches [Quiz]

For people who love the energy and options of cities, but also love to spend their vacation relaxing, there is nothing better than a city with beaches. Check your knowledge of places you can do it all with this quiz on city beaches. Good Luck! 

Learning About Nicaraguan Coffee at Cafe Las Flores

As the world’s most addictive drug, a trip to Nicaragua naturally included a visit to Cafe Las Flores, which has been cultivating coffee for three generations. Situated along the slopes of Mombacho Volcano (we got there from Granada), Cafe Las Flores has been recognized by the Rainforest Alliance Certification for its sustainable and organic practices.

10 Jobs You Can Do Online to Make Money While Traveling

Every person with a sense of adventure would love the opportunity to travel the world, spending their time exploring new cultures and countries instead of pushing papers at the office. The age of the digital nomad is now, and the following job options could provide some financial relief while on your journey.

Ski Resorts [Quiz]

Skiing is one of the best winter activities. There is nothing like being on the top of a snow-covered mountain, skis strapped to your feet, ready to cruise down the mountain! This quiz tests your knowledge of world ski resorts. Good luck!

Ice and Snow [Quiz]

Temperatures are dropping and winter is setting in. This quiz tests your knowledge of two of the two winter elements we love (or love to hate), ice and snow!. Good luck and warm thoughts!

The Perfect Road Trip Packing List

Taking a month-long family vacation to the beach or a weekend camping trip with friends? Regardless of where you are headed, the ride there can feel very long if you do not bring the right things with you. Here is a list of things that are essential for the perfect road trip.

How to be Part of Responsible Tourism

When traveling, try to enrich not only your experiences, but also help inspire others. Making this world a better place, saving the environment and helping the underprivileged is up to everyone. We, as responsible individuals, should take up the cause in whichever way possible and contribute as much as we can.

10 Things to do While in Jamaica

Are you visiting Jamaica for the first time but not sure where to explore? Jamaica has tons of attractions but all are not easily found, especially those that are located off the beaten path. If you’re looking for your next tropical adventure, you’re in luck. Here are 10 things to do in Jamaica.

A Tapas Tour of La Macarena, Sevilla

Sevilla, the Andalucian capital, is as Spanish as Spain gets. This is a city where you can still wander the labyrinthine alleys and find flamenco spilling out of the bars.

Nicaragua’s Favorite Rum – A Tour of Flor de Cana

Over 125 years, five generations and a process that can take from four to 25 years. That’s the essence of Flor de Cana, Nicaragua’s delicious rum that has continued to be processed despite political unrest, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes. A mere hour or so drive away from the heart of Leon, you can visit the [...]

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

You know that old saying, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”? In Leon, Nicaragua, it’s more like “When in Leon, hike up and slide down an active volcano.”

Which Festival Are You? [Quiz]

You love a good party, enjoy huge crowds and plan all your travel around world festivals. Take this quiz to see what festival you should hit up next!

You Don’t Have to be an Expert to be an Adventurer

You might find yourself reaching for your phone in moments of stress, but before you open Facebook or Twitter, consider that studies show that the use of social media can increase stress in the long-run. Instead of seeking for comfort on the internet, try spending more time outside. Sometimes a quick walk is all you [...]

Capital Cities [Quiz]

For better or worse, capital cities are almost always a focal point of a country and many travelers’ first contact with a new destination. See how many you know and how many you need to get to know with this quiz.

Top Cameras for the Holidays [2017]

We have put together this list of our favorite camera picks for this 2017 holiday season. Find one that fits your tastes and treat yourself or get the perfect present for the traveler on your list.

Holidays and Festivals [Quiz]

At any given time around the world, people somewhere are celebrating something. Holidays are a part of what deciphers different cultures, yet they have a

International Foods [Quiz]

International Food [Quiz] Think you know food? Try to not get too hungry testing your knowledge of international cuisine with this quick quiz. Good Luck! Start Quiz Question Your answer: Correct answer: Next You got {{SCORE_CORRECT}} out of {{SCORE_TOTAL}} SHARE YOUR RESULTSShareTweetPinEmail Enter Your Email to Get Your ResultsShow My ResultsSkip this step Your Answers [...]

Top 10 Overnight Hiking Essentials

Hiking is truly a beautiful experience that will really make you appreciate the fact that you’re alive and breathing in this wonderful world, but only if you’re well prepared for it. I’ve been hiking for well over fifteen years now, and I’ve seen my share of accidents and mishaps, almost always through the fault and [...]

World Beers [Quiz]

Did you know that there is such a thing as cenosillicaphobia? The fear of an empty beer glass. Millions of men and women suffer from this heartbreaking
condition on a night out with friends.

No beer drinker can travel around the world without sampling the local
produce so lets test your knowledge and tell us which countries these beers are

Top Tips For Bike Touring On The Cheap

Does the idea of a long bike tour, turning your legs for hours, make you tingle with excitement? Me too! Sadly, if you’re not careful, an extended bike trip can become incredibly expensive. If you wanted to, you could spend an entire months travel money on a set of handlebars.

Jökulsárlón Glacier & Highlights of Iceland’s South Coast

If there’s one thing that Iceland isn’t scarce on, it’s natural beauty. From imposing volcanoes and glaciers, to animated clouds and awe-inspiring waterfalls, Iceland has something to marvel at on every turn.

Extreme Iceland packs in as many of these sights on its South Coast and Jökulsárlón Ice Lagoon tour, where you see icebergs, black sand beaches, glaciers, lava fields and waterfalls in an action-packed two-day adventure

Roadtripping in Northern Iceland

After spending a week using Reykjavik as a hub for our travels through the Southern Highlands and the surrounding areas, we set off on a week-long road

Are You Ready to Run Backpacker Travel?

I’ve considered writing this post for some time now but been sitting on it, mostly out of fear. I created the original version of this site back in 2014. Back then it was nothing more than a travel blog I created due to the rapid growth of the Backpacker Travel Facebook page

Remarkable Statues & Monuments [Quiz]

Statues and monuments are often erected to honor history. Italy, for instance, built a statue dedicated to one of its greatest musicians. Cambodia, on the other hand, erected giant statues that serve as the embodiment of its faith.

A Snowmobiling Adventure on Langjökull Glacier

The Golden Circle is one of the most popular routes for Iceland’s visitors, covering about 300 kilometers from Reykjavik, around the southern highlands and back.

How Working Online Affects Your Lifestyle & Taxes as an American Expat

Most people transition to nomadic or expatriate living after many years of following the conventional work path. My path was a little different. I grew up in France near Strasbourg, but always had dreams of living around the world.

Spa Day at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa is undoubtedly one of the most well-known attractions in Iceland. The water temperature hovers around 37-39 degrees Celsius (around 100F), and being in rich in silica and sulfur minerals, is also said to help people’s skin ailments. The water is completely renewed every two days.

Caving for Claustrophobes at Iceland’s Cave Leidarendi

You don’t need to be a speleologist (someone who studies caves) to be impressed with the lava tubes of Iceland. Lava tubes are formed when hot magma from a volcanic eruption flows into tunnels of already petrified lava, creating incredible underground caves where you walk, crouch, and slither your way across.

5 Unique Experiences in Bangkok

Bangkok is a bustling city nestled in some beautiful geography, and there are tons of fun places to go and fun activities to do in this traveler’s paradise. Hitting up all of the standard tourist stops like the many beautiful temples is worth your time, but there are also some lesser known unique things to do in Bangkok. Check out this list for some cool additions to your schedule while in Bangkok.

Follow Where Your Money Goes on Holiday

Do you ever wonder what journey your cash has been on before it came to you? In the U.S. alone there are more bank notes than ever in circulation. As of December 31st, 2015 there are approximately 38.1 billion bank notes in circulation*.

17 Aphrodisiac Foods Used in Cultures Around the World

In many world cultures, it has long been believed that the most honorable of all occupations are teaching, healing, and nurturing. Chefs in France are considered equal to great artists. The ability to cook meals for erotic purposes is even greater still. Throughout history in cultures all around the world, all manner of natural ingredients have been used in cooking for their aphrodisiac properties.

Descending Into a Volcano

On a gray and miserable afternoon, my husband and I took a tour with Inside the Volcano, to descend 120 meters into Thrihnukagigur (‘Three Peaks Crater’), a dormant volcano that had last erupted 4,000 years ago.

Top 10 Places to Work Abroad in 2017

We’ve rounded up some of the best places to live and work in so that you can pick one and finally head off to chase the dream. Here they are, so sit back and enjoy!

52 of the Best Books for Travelers

Here are our top reads for those times you are waiting at the airport, on a long flight, bus trip or simply relaxing. We’ve compiled our favorite 52 books, that’s enough for one per week! Where possible, we recommend downloading the Kindle version

Top 10 Daypacks [2016]

Possibly one of the most important purchases you will make before traveling is that of a daypack. This backpack needs to be your go-to accessory, capable of carrying your camera, snacks, sweater, and everything in-between. We’ve carefully selected 10 excellent daypacks to help you make a better choice when you decide to purchase a new [...]

Top 10 Travel Backpacks [2016]

So you’re thinking about setting off on the journey of a lifetime, well, you’re going to need a sturdy backpack that’s able to carry all your gear. Luckily, we’ve done all the hard work for you, researching and testing a bunch of options to bring you the top 10 backpacks for travel below!

The Coolest Snorkeling Experience – Literally

If you’ve ever been snorkeling or scuba diving before, it’s a fun and indescribable experience. You’re aided by a snorkel or an oxygen tank to breathe, while exploring what’s underwater and marveling at the life below.

5 Essential Items for Your First Solo Trip

As your most-awaited solo trip draws near, your excitement for the actual trip is building up, and you’re just as thrilled to do your pre-travel tasks. This mainly involves listing down things you need for your trip, and of course, shopping for your travel essentials!

Pushkar Mela – India’s Largest Camel Fair

Once a year, around the full moon of November, a huge camel fair takes place in Pushkar, India. When the eighth month (one of the most sacred) of the Hindu calendar has come, camel drivers of the Thar desert begin their long journey that will lead them to Pushkar for the full moon of Kartika Poornima.

A Journey to the Icelandic Highlands

After sleeping soundly in our warm Reykjavik apartment and a hearty breakfast consisting of Icelandic skyr, coffee and rye bread with cream cheese, our group was excited for our “Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels” tour with Extreme Iceland.

Top Indian Destinations for Photographers

Do you love travel photography? Have you ever felt that some places are so magical that it appears like a déjà vu? When you are there, you feel some sort of attraction that you just want to capture that moment in your mind! And it keeps replaying in your mind for the rest of your life. It could be the beauty, the serenity or the adventure quotient that makes it a bewitching location for you.

Reykjavik – A City of Arts & Quirky Cuisine

We arrived at Keflavik before the crack of dawn, groggy but excited to embark on a two-week adventure around Iceland. The airport, while relatively small, shows small signs of a country that has been hit with a deluge of tourists

11 Places You Need to Visit in El Nido – Philippines

Palawan would have to be one of those few places in the world you’ll never get tired of visiting. One visit is not enough to unravel the beauty that this island holds, and every time you set foot on this island paradise, it will always leave you in awe like the first time.

An Expedition in Greenland

Immerse yourself in nature without limits, with sensational and impressive landscapes of Greenland.

The Power of Iguazu Falls – Photo Journal

Iguazu Falls, which stretches across the border of Brazil and Argentina is one of most impressive waterfalls in the world. Made up of about 275 waterfalls and cataracts spanning 2.7 kilometers wide, Iguazu Falls

A City Within a City: Visiting Rio’s Favelas

Favela. Commonly translated as “slum”, these are communities with low-income residents in Brazil. At best, favelas evoke images of colorful brick and cement houses full of vibrancy and activity; at worst, favelas can elicit ideas of substandard housing and squalor, and communities terrorized by drugs and crime.

10 Craft Beers You Need to Try

Beer is probably the smallest, most common denominator of the backpacking community. Travelers get to know each other over a pint, decide to make a trip together in the course of a few sips and cling their bottles to say goodbye after a life-changing journey.

Culinary Delights: A Brazilian Food Tour With Eat Rio

If travel is an experience for all the senses, then trying out a country’s cuisine can also achieve the same thing. From seeing and touching the fresh ingredients of a meal, listening to the sizzle of an ingredient as it is being cooked, smelling a dish’s aroma as it is being prepared, and finally savoring its taste – a food tour can provide a gastronomic delight to all the senses.

30 Must-eat Dishes from Around the World

One of the most memorable aspects of traveling is a country’s food. Cuisines play an integral part in defining a nation’s culture – and whether you’re sampling a local delicacy at a street market, being entertained by a family in their home, or dining out at an upmarket restaurant, here is a list of must-eat foods around the globe.

Crave Outdoors Hydration Pack [Review]

I’m all about action and adventure; you name it, we love to go hiking, biking, and climbing. It’s important to stay hydrated during these types of activities but I’m personally not a huge fan of carrying a water bottle and prefer a hydration system instead.

World-Famous Landmarks [Quiz]

When you hear the name of a city or a country, the first thing you’ll probably visualize is its landmarks. These landmarks are not only well-known attractions that are associated with a particular place – they also help give that location its identity.

An Arid Adventure – The Namibian Desert Safari Experience

A Namibian Safari is something that you will never forget: incredible vistas, surprisingly varied ecosystems (considering a lot of it is desert) and wonderful wildlife experiences.

African Wildlife [Quiz]

Africa is full of unique and exotic wildlife, with over 1,100 different species of mammals and over 2,600 species of birds. In Africa, you can spot lions, giraffes and elephants on a safari, meet the world’s largest and smallest chameleons in Madagascar, or become acquainted with the world’s largest frog (the gorilla frog) in Cameroon. Conservationists are working to great lengths to protect Africa’s wildlife and wild lands so that they can be enjoyed for many generations to come.

Pakistan’s Snow Lake Trek – Photo Journal

When you think of “trekking” most people might not immediately contemplate Pakistan. But the Northern areas better known as Kashmir, have some of the most majestic treks on the planet. The two most popular are K2 base camp, where you can see the dramatic Karakoram Mountains while walking up the Baltoro glacier, and the spectacular Biafo Hispar glacier trek also know as Snow Lake.

Exploring Sri Lanka By Train

Sri Lanka is a country that took us by surprise! The small island nation is home to a huge variety of landscapes and experiences – you can experience long beaches and palm trees, and a few hours later be in the cool climate of the Hill Country.

Let’s Go Shopping [Quiz]

Camera? Check. Comfortable shoes? Check. Credit card? Check. Enough room in your luggage for souvenirs and other items bought from your travels? Well…

Whether you’re a window shopper, bargain hunter, or want to shop ’til you drop, how much do you know about shopping destinations around the world? Test your knowledge with our quiz.

Joshua Tree National Park Photo Journal

During the recent holidays, we decided to forgo the New Year parties and spend some time away from the crowds. We packed our bags and set off on a road trip from our home in San Francisco down to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Eagle Creek ‘Pack-it’ Packing Cubes [Review]

Packing is one of those tasks we both love and loath. We love it 'cause it has a direct relationship with the excitement of an upcoming trip, yet we hate having to 'tetris' our clothes and belongings into our backpacks, only to remove and repack at every stop. Well, loath no more! I recently got [...]

Australia’s Northern Territory Photo Journal

The Northern Territory is a vast federal territory in Australia – and the epitome of what you think of when you hear the word “outback”. Though the area spans 548,600 square miles (1,420,867 square kilometers) only 250,000 people call the Northern Territory home.

10 Bizarre Christmas Traditions Around the World

Around the world, people are getting together with family and friends to celebrate the holiday season.

New Zealand – South Island Photo Journal

Whether you’re looking for an adventure through the mountains, or a relaxing trip to the beach, New Zealand is truly a place to satisfy everyones travel desires

3 Tips to Get Started as a Travel Photographer

One of the trickiest parts of becoming a travel photographer/blogger is supporting your journeys.

Myanmar Photo Journal

Myanmar, or Burma as it is also known, is a country in Southeast Asia that has, until recently, slipped under the radar of tourism for a long time.

Lost in Time – Famous Clock Towers [Quiz]

Travelers take all the time in the world just to go places. They believe that getting lost somewhere is never wasted time. As a traveler, you should be well-disciplined and know how to value time. Make the most of it by discovering new places, making new friends, and by creating new experiences that you can cherish for the rest of your life. Today we’d like to test your knowledge with these famous clock towers around the world.

10 Ways To Get Over Your Fear Of Scuba Diving

Fear. Anxiety. Seasickness. Claustrophobia. Chances are that if you’re trying scuba diving for the first time, that you’ll feel one or more of these things

Why I Learned Esperanto

I had known about Esperanto, the world’s most widely spoken artificial language, since I was a teenager. Connected to the noble ideas of internationalism and equality, it attracted me even then.

Popular Dishes in Asia [Quiz]

In today’s quiz, we want to test your knowledge and see how well you know specialty cuisines around Asia. Linger on the taste and remember which food you had when you went to these places.

Are You a Skier or Snowboarder?

As the temperatures in the Northern hemisphere drop we trade surf for snow, and what better place to be for winter than Europe. Not just for the rich and famous, snow sports open their chilly legs wide for all to enjoy.

Top 50 Travel Instagrammers of 2015

Instagram has quickly become the favorite social network for travel lovers and very recently for us. We were late to join, focussing heavily on Facebook instead, but now see the true value it brings.

How I Learned French

When I was 20 I moved to Paris. The first room I rented was on rue de Charonne. Yes, rue de Charonne, the same street where a drive-by shooting killed 19 yesterday evening.

Famous Bookstores Around the World [Quiz]

In today’s quiz, we want to see how much of a bookworm you are and how familiar you are with various bookshops you get to see and visit during your travels. Read on and find out where you can visit these most interesting bookshops around the world. Good luck!

A Life-changing Run-in With Rabies

I’ve always been someone who has gone after everything I’ve wanted. Nothing ever seemed hard or impossible; the more challenging a dream was, the more fun I had chasing it.

10 Tips for a Cheaper Trip

Traveling can be really expensive. But once you get bitten by the travel bug, you can’t seem to help yourself. Wanderlust takes over rationality as you embark on an adventure. However, you should not live like a pauper in order to save up for a trip.

Uncovering the Mystery of Iran

Moving to Kuwait has given me the opportunity to travel to so many exotic countries such as Kuwait itself, Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, Bahrain, the U.A.E., and Oman.

21 Stunning Safari Photos

There are places you visit in your life as a traveler that resonate particularly with you, and make you say “I’ll probably go back someday”. And then there’s Kenya, and its majestic Maasai Mara National Reserve.

National Costume [Quiz]

How good are you at figuring out where someone is from, simply by the way they are dressed? When we travel, we always find it interesting to see how the local people dress in different situations in their own country. These often colorful and elaborate clothes can represent many things including social status. See if you can identify these national costumes.

San Francisco’s Murals of the Mission District

Last month we celebrated our four year anniversary living in San Francisco and in that time, I have managed to explore every neighborhood in this fascinating city. It’s no secret that I have fallen in love with the art, music, food and people, which lead me to create the Boutique Traveler walking tours as a way to show travelers my adopted home.

Can You Name That Church? [Quiz]

You don’t need to be religious to appreciate the history and beautiful architecture of a well-designed church. Today, we want to test your knowledge and see how much you know about the following 12 churches from around the world.

Oktoberfest – Germany’s Biggest Piss-Up

Almost seven million people, in seventeen days, will drink seven million liters of beer. We are talking about the worlds’ largest festival – fun fair, volksfest, piss-up, whatever you would like to call it – held annually in Munich, Germany… and what’s it called? (everybody now) Oktoberfest!

Lesser-Known Places [Quiz]

How well do you know your geography? This quiz is not going to be easy and will test your knowledge of the lesser-known regions around the world. If you can get a perfect score in this quiz you are truly a geography whiz.

Faroe Islands Photo Journal

“The Faroe Islands. Some may have heard of them recently lately, perhaps because of their prime location this past March when they were one of two places to witness the total solar eclipse. Or some may have heard of them when they defeated Greece in the Euro qualifiers – twice!

How Well Do You Know Your Ferris Wheels? [Quiz]

Today we take you back to your childhood, back to the good old fairground. Who can forget their first ride on the ferris wheel. The thrill as you climb higher and higher above the crowds, the birds-eye view for miles around. Give it your best shot and see if you know where to find these worldly ferris wheels.

7 Tips to Survive La Tomatina

La Tomatina: slim, cobbled alleyways awash with red wine and red pulp, locals and visitors all dressed in white (but not for long). This is not so much a food fight as all out food combat. Make no mistake: it’s war out there; when you get to La Tomatina, be prepared.

Name that Airline [Quiz]

Did you know the artwork on the tail of an airplane is called its livery? This logo is used as a branding tool to distinguish different airlines from one another and in many cases are highly recognizable.

The Top 15 Festivals in Europe

Time. The main ingredient needed to create, evolve, erode and adapt. To create tradition, habit, ritual and culture. What’s cultured yoghurt? Old yoghurt. What’s cheese? Old cultured milk. What’s fine wine? Old fermented grapes.

Funny Toilet Signs Around the World

“Honey I’m just off to the loo”…..It’s one of those things that we all do, it’s unavoidable, we use the toilet right. Well on our travels around the world we have seen more than our fair share of toilets and heard them called by many different names.

Amphibian Weather Defense Pack [Review]

On my last trip I got to test out the Outdoor Products Amphibian Weather Defense Pack, a waterproof daypack purpose built for outdoor adventures.

Junkanoo Festival Photo Journal

Our recent trip to the Bahamas was predominantly for the Junkanoo festival that takes place in the early hours of the morning on both Boxing Day and New Years Day.

The Top 30 Unusual Foods in Asia

Are you up for anything? Got a stomach made of steel? Great, you’ll need it if you are up for eating some of these delicacies. In this article we feature a selection of 30 of the most unusual foods you can find (and eat) across Asia.

The Joys and Pitfalls of Solo Travel

Pack your bags, grab your ticket and head off on your next adventure. Seems simple enough right?…… well it can be, but traveling unprepared and uneducated can also be dangerous.

Wanna Be a Backpacker? Let’s Get Started

What does it take to become a backpacker? This is a question I have heard a thousand times so I figured it’s time to give it a crack and offer some advice.

Songkran Water Festival in Thailand

Thailand does exactly that with its Songkran festival, held annually from 10 April. Depending on where you’re at, the festivities can continue for between six to ten days. Falling during the hottest time of the year at the end of the dry season (temperatures can rise to over 100F or 40C on some days), it’s no wonder that the country ushers in the New Year armed with water guns.

A Journey Through Iran

A country where people are crazy about Barca (or Real Madrid- football); they greet you very affectionately and cordially with a “welcome to Iran”.

9 Things to Consider When Booking a Hostel

Every person has different tastes in terms of the place they want to stay. Whether traveling with friends, a partner or alone there are several key elements to be considered when making your decision about where to rest your weary head.

The Rise of Carry-on Luggage

The times they are a changing. Remember the good old days where you could pack your suitcase full of clothes and other items, show up to the airport and be greeted by a friendly counter clerk who would check your luggage for your flight for free.

Low Cost Airlines But What’s the Sacrifice?

Today we ask the age-old question… how important is good service versus getting a cheap ticket? Recently I purchased a number of flights with the low-cost airline Air Asia through their website.

Inspirational Travel Quotes & Sayings

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to inspire us to venture into new and unfamiliar places. I have compiled a list of interesting and sometimes funny travel quotes that will be sure to entertain you. Some are profound in their meaning while others are purely observations that we can all relate to.

Are You a Tripper?

We’ve all had that experience of feeling like the complete outsider in a new city. Wandering from one tourist trap to another, you end up spending more time in line or at the gift shop than exploring the area.

Tips to Avoid Getting Sick on Holidays

We go to all the trouble of planning where to stay and what we are going to do each day on our trip so why is it that after all this effort we leave our health in the hands of the gods.

20 Types of Airline Passengers to Avoid

This is likely an exercise in preaching to the choir but let’s face it; the traveling public desperately needs a lesson in common courtesy. There is something about flying that can turn ordinary people into inconsiderate passengers.

Common Airline Jargon

Airline crews have their own inscrutable patois that can be difficult to decipher by outsiders. Below is a list of common terms one might hear while eavesdropping on an inter-crew confab or listening to a passenger announcement (but who does that these days?).

Win a Trip For 2 to Cartagena with LAN Airlines

LAN Airlines is currently running a fantastic competition and giving away a trip for two to the majestic Colombian city of Cartagena. That’s right, by entering the competition you could soon be soaking up the sun and exploring this historic walled city.

A Bahamian Christmas Adventure

I still crave some good old fashioned beach action. So this year we decided to escape the cold and jet off to the Bahamas for Christmas.

Explaining Turbulence – Why Your Flight Gets Bumpy

Statistically, turbulence resulting in injury is a rare occurrence. In 2013, the FAA reported that there were 11 passenger injuries and 13 crew injuries from turbulence.

Learning to Fly a Plane

Learning to fly heavier-than-air powered craft is undoubtedly a prodigiously rewarding life experience. It affords a sense of absolute freedom, control in three dimensions, and the stunning cockpit vistas are otherworldly.

Meet GoPro’s Latest Cameras – The Hero4

Today, GoPro announced the latest edition of their popular cameras with the release of the Hero4 series. If you thought these cameras already packed a punch just wait until you take a peek at this new edition.

Escaping a Robbery Attempt at Gunpoint

Our intrepid explorers Mike and Alex were on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires during their recent trip to South America when a thief on a motorbike attempted to steal Alex’s expensive camera gear at gunpoint.

10 Things You Should Never Pay For When Traveling

When planning a trip most backpackers spend hours and hours scouring the internet in search of any deal that can save them a few bucks. All this effort yet the moment the step onto foreign soil they spend unnecessary money, wasting cash in ways that are easily avoidable.

Responsible Backpacking Tips

A while ago on our Backpacker Travel Facebook page we asked you what you wanted more of. The overwhelming response was for more backpacking tips and pictures from around the world.

How to Piss Off a Plane Full of People

It is a well-known fact that you should never mess with the folks at airport security. Since 9/11 you can’t get away with the slightest joke, just take a look around any airline check-in and you are sure to find a stern sounding sign advising not to poke fun about carrying weapons or drugs and the like.

10 of the Best Christmas Gifts for Travelers

If you’re anything like us, you end up leaving your Christmas shopping until the very last minute. Well, look no further, we have put together a list of the top 10 gifts that are sure to wow even the most picky of travelers.

Win Unlimited Bus Travel in Spain for One Month

Thinking of taking a spin down to Spain sometime in the next year? Then this is for you!, the number one worldwide bus travel booking platform, is offering you and a friend of your choice the chance to win unlimited bus travel around Spain for one month.

5 Reasons You Should Teach English in China

Teaching English as a Second Language is an undeniably great way for an aspiring traveler to both fund their travels and experience a new culture in an intimate way without spending a fortune.

This Flight Price Will Make You Say WOW!

With the cost of flights being such a large percentage of most people’s travel budget, we are constantly on the lookout for deals to save a few dollars. Well, as of this week, a relative newcomer to the world of low-cost airlines has been creating a buzz by announcing flights as low as $99 between the United States and Europe!

A Close Encounter at the Running of the Bulls

The Running of the Bulls is a must see for many tourists that involves running in front of six bulls and a number of steers that have been let loose, on a course through the streets of Pamplona.

6 Tips to Care for Your Feet

If you’ve made your way around the world with a backpack you’ll know how important it is to find the right gear to keep you comfortable. A great backpack is a given. A comfortable pair of shoes is essential, but what about your socks?

How Corrupt Is The Country You Live In?

Travel is an eye-opening experience, often providing a window into some of the challenges that are faced around the world.

Bound for the Bahamas

After a two-year hiatus I will add another country to my list of visited destinations at the end of this year. That’s right we are off to the Bahamas over the Christmas and New Year break and I couldn’t be happier.

How to Make New Connections on the Road

Traveling to far away destinations can be a daunting experience for any traveler – and this unnerving feeling is magnified in the case of a first-time traveler going on an adventure solo.

Airplane Noises Explained for the Nervous Traveler

There are countless sensations and noises involved in the operation of an aircraft before, during, and after a flight. Modern airplanes are highly complex machines with an array of moving parts that make noise and have attendant sensations.

DUBS Earplugs [Review]

Designed by Doppler Labs, DUBS Acoustic Filters are a new breed of earplugs that use a sophisticated filtration system to reduce the sound pressure at different frequencies.

Hadaka Matsuri – Okayama, Japan

One of the most unusual festivals in Japan is the naked festival (Hadaka Matsuri). Okay, so the participants aren’t completed nude, but picture this: tens of thousands of Japanese men with little more than a white loincloth (G-string or thong style) draped around their erm, loins, running crazily through the streets of the city to the main temple.

A Weekend Getaway in Santa Cruz

I have been living in San Francisco for just over a year now and it really has been an incredible experience. The food selection is amazing, the people are friendly and interesting and there is nearly always something cool going on around town…. but…. I really miss having a warm summer.

Battle of the Oranges

Ivrea is a small city in the province of Turin, in the northwest of Italy. While it’s not heaving with tourist attractions, there is one time of the year when the town is overrun with visitors – the quirky Ivrea Carnival (Carnevale di Ivrea), otherwise known as the Battle of the Oranges.

Outdoor Products Power Pack Glide 2.0 [Review]

For all you digital nomads out there, this is your perfect daypack! The Outdoor Products Power Pack Glide 2.0 daypack offers the perfect combination of storage, access and comfort for all of your important items during your travels.

Quechua Arpenaz 2 Tent [Review]

If you ever decide to make your way over to Europe for a bit of backpacking and camping, the Quechua brand sold through the Decathalon chain of stores can be a surprising cheap alternative.

Osprey Axis Daypack [Review]

Smart functionality and superior comfort have partnered together to create the Axis backpack by Osprey.

One Scary Night on Poveglia Island

Two days ago, after almost a week of going back and forth, I started the haunting journey to Poveglia Island, the island of no return. A small island off Venice, Poveglia has one twisted history

Burning Man – A Party on the Playa

This is the third and final part in a series of posts on my experiences at my first ever Burning Man. If you missed the first two parts you can read them here:

Burning Man – Art, Theme Camps & More

This is Part 2 in a series of posts on my experiences at my first ever Burning Man. If you missed the first part you can read it here – Burning Man – From a First-Timer’s Perspective

Burning Man from a First-Timer’s Perspective

In this post I hope to outline some of my experiences, along with some commentary and advice to follow up from my earlier assumptions (which you can read here – Preparing For My First Burning Man).

Preparing For My First Burning Man

A week-long festival in the middle of the desert you say – sounds interesting enough to grab you attention doesn’t it. Well, let me tell you this is no ordinary festival… this is Burning Man.

30 Foreign Words With No English Equivalent

There are often times in life when a situation arises and we are lost for words. Sure, the situation can be described with a sentence or two but who hasn’t thought to themselves “Wouldn’t it be great if there was a word for that…”

Guinea Pig – A South American Delicacy

Did you know that Guinea pigs were originally domesticated for their meat in the Andes? For many years, these cute little critters were cared for and consumed at ceremonial meals by the indigenous people of the Andean highlands.

New 7 Wonders of Nature – Really?

A few days ago the winners of the New7Wonders of Nature was announced and I’m sure more than a few people were surprised by the results. Considering some of the ‘big names’ that made the final 28 it was very interesting to see how influential the public vote was in determining the winners.

Exploring the Sacred Grounds of Kansai

I dream of traveling the world – experiencing rich cultures and learning new things. Walking past innately sculptured ancient architecture, smelling their local dishes and taking a leap of faith by embracing their traditions.

Cambodia – Land of the Khmer

No one can visit this bite-sized country and not be changed by it. As the temple hub of the world, tourists are arriving fast and furious. Cambodia is a country that is firmly putting its past behind to embrace the 21st century.

Cebu – A Treasure Trove in the Philippines

Clear your mind. Imagine a grain of sand. Multiply that into millions as you grace your ever so delicate toes into the massive landscape you’ve just created. It tingles. It excites you – because it whispers a sense of serenity. It shelters you from stressful thoughts that have burdened you for the past week.

Biking the Bay – Fisherman’s Wharf to Tiburon

San Francisco is one of the best (and worst) cities in the world to cycle around. The landscape can vary from extremely steep hills (where you often need to get off your bike and walk) to negotiating electric buses and cable cars to the most friendly, flat bike paths.

A Cycling Tour Through the Rice Paddies of Bali

A couple of days after our white water rafting expedition, we were making our way back to Ubud to go cycling. We went further north of Ubud this time, starting from Mount Batur and going on a mainly downhill cycle for 20.5 kilometers.

Bali Waterbom Park – Let’s Get Wet

It’s hot in Bali. Scorching, in fact. Year round, temperatures hover between 28-33 degrees celsius. So, you have three options. First, follow the crowds and flock to the beach for surfing, swimming, sunbathing and selling

Balinese Cuisine – Spicing Things Up

How adventurous are you when it comes to eating local cuisine when you travel? To me, being immersed in a culture through food is one of the highlights of my travels. I’ve tried salty, oily, milky tea in Mongolia, pigs’ ears sauted in garlic in the Philippines and squirming live octopus tentacles in South Korea – and that’s just in Asia.

Massage and Spa Treatments in Bali

“Massage? You want massage?” She called out to my fiancé Michael and I from her perch on the steps outside her salon, giving me the once over as she monotonously ran through the words.

White Water Rafting in Bali With Sobek

Do you love the water – but don’t want to lie on the beach or splash around all day? For the more adventurous traveler to Bali, white water rafting is right up your stream.

Gili Trawangan – An Island Paradise

Have you ever been to a place that you consider paradise? A place that is so breathtakingly beautiful that you have to think twice about sharing it with anyone else, lest it be overrun with tourists next time you go?

Bali – First Impressions

Bali is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Australians – it’s not far (from Darwin it’s just over a two and a half hour flight), it’s cheap and it has a lot of the ingredients that Aussie tourists love – sun, sand, and cold beer.

Alice Springs to Darwin with Adventure Tours

After finishing a three-day Adventure Tours trip that visited Alice Springs, Kata Tjuta, Uluru and Kings Canyon, we were back in Alice Springs, getting up before dawn to meet our new guide, JB, at the lobby of our hostel.

Touring Alice Springs, Uluru and Kata Tjuta

I had just finished up my job in Sydney and was going to be starting a new role in San Francisco, a city that I had heard great things about from all who had been there, although it was a place that I had never seen firsthand.

Wine Tasting in the Barossa Valley

While our hotel is clean, convenient and has all the amenities we need, if there’s one downside it’s the paper thin walls. It also doesn’t help to be on the ground floor and have the hotel staff wandering the corridors, talking and vacuuming at 8am.

Action and Adventure on Kangaroo Island

First stop on the agenda today was a good hours drive away at the far south-west of the island. We drove on the main sealed road past vineyards and paddocks before arriving at the Flinders National Park.

Impressions of Adelaide

Lisette and I have made it a mission to explore more of our own backyard before we head off for our big move to San Francisco. This trip to South Australia actually completes my circumnavigation of Australia, having covered all States and Territories (Lisette is close behind with only Western Australia and Northern Territory remaining).

Around Tasmania in a Campervan – Part 3

After a great nights sleep on the side of the road we woke up to the sound of a National Park Ranger’s car pulling up behind us. The two rangers got out of the car and walked to our side window to check if we were in the van.

Around Tasmania in a Campervan – Part 2

Woke up around 9am (early in comparison to the night before) after stopping on the side of the road in Derwent Bridge. Kept on driving – lots of windy roads – the roads were also incredibly mountainous – particularly as we got towards the mining community in Queenstown.

Around Tasmania in a Campervan – Part 1

Finally we are able to spare some time to write about our recent trip around Tasmania over the Easter weekend. We decided that the best way to get around would be in a campervan so we were free and easy.

Burkina Faso – The Heart of West Africa

Located in heart of West Africa, Burkina Faso is the sort of place that captures the imagination – how many of you even knew that Burkina Faso exists? This may be one of the world’s poorest countries, but it’s also one of the most stable in the region and runs with an efficiency that’s the envy of many of its neighbors.

A Kayaking Adventure on Sydney Harbour

A few weeks ago Lisette was scanning through the daily group buying deals to see if there was anything interesting when she came across a 2-for-1 deal on Cudo. It was for a 4 hour Middle Harbour Eco Tour with Sydney Harbour Kayaks (a big change from the normal health and beauty or restaurant offers).

A Slice of Heaven in the Indian Ocean – Mauritius

Mauritius is a hidden gem in the Indian Ocean that will enchant and amaze you. Every encounter is an opportunity to discover a friendly face. The contrast of a multitude of colors and tastes, the island, set in its turquoise sea, is an oasis of peace and tranquility

The World’s Most Dangerous Road

Mention the North Yungas Road to most people and you probably won’t get much of a reaction, that is until you explain that this infamous 70km stretch of asphalt and dirt is commonly know as the Most Dangerous Road in the World or ‘Death Road’.

Quit Your Job and Travel the World

Have you ever just wanted to quit your job and travel the world? Well on the 28th March 2009, that is exactly what my wife and I did. Now I have to say this was not a spur of the moment decision.

Jaipur – The Pink City

After playing tiger hide and seek at Ranthambore, our next stop was Jaipur. Known as the “Pink City”, it’s the capital and largest city in the state of Rajasthan. The city was founded by royalty (Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh) in the 18th century, with the royal family still living there today.

Ranthambore – In Search of a Tiger

After enjoying the beauty of Agra, next stop for us was Ranthambore, where we would be spending the next two days on the hunt for the elusive Indian tiger on several safaris.

The Desert Oasis of Huacachina

48 hrs from Montanita I found myself in the desert oasis of Huacachina. It was a long time coming but I had been longing to get here ever since I laid eyes on its beauty in a picture I had randomly stumbled on years ago. When I say desert oasis, I truly mean it…

A Love Story in Agra

“Bye bye Delhi, welcome Agra!” These were the words our driver, Belwant said as we drove out of New Delhi and crossed into the state of Haryana en route to Agra.

Welcome to India

After what seemed like an eternity of flights from Sandakan to Kuala Lumpur and from Kuala Lumpur to New Delhi, we stumbled out of the sterile New Delhi airport that welcomed thousands of visitors arriving for last month’s Commonwealth Games to be greeted by the contrasting smog, humidity and queues of distinctive black, green and yellow painted Ambassador taxis anticipating their next load of customers.

Turtles and More on Lankayan Island

An island with pristine waters, so crystal clear that you can’t tell where the sky stops and the ocean begins. A marine protected area, with schools of fish, harmless reef sharks, rays and clusters of coral visible from the shore.

A Taste of Malaysia

Here is an outline of our recent trip to Malaysia and some of the fun experiences that we had on the mainland and Borneo, including some up-close encounters with the local wildlife.

Responsible Travel

For most of us travel is a great way to see the world, grow as a person, and experience new customs, people, food, and drink.

Sweltering at the Il Palio Festival

What is Il Palio (The Palio)? Held annually on 2 July and 16 August to honor the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into heaven, the first official race happened in 1656 with the Siena ‘contrade’, or districts, vying aggressively for their horse to win.

Baby Jumping Festival

You may have heard of the “Running of the Bulls” festival in Pamplona and “La Tomatina” (tomato throwing festival) in Bunol. The last celebration to complete the holy trinity of wacky festivals in Spain is “El Colacho”, or more commonly known as the baby jumping festival