Joshua Tree National Park Photo Journal

joshua tree sign

Entering the nearby town of Joshua Tree

During the recent holidays, we decided to forgo the New Year parties and spend some time away from the crowds. We packed our bags and set off on a road trip from our home in San Francisco down to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.

Joshua Tree National Park is located around 140 miles (225 kilometers) to the east of Los Angeles in the middle of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. This large range of elevation makes for a varied landscape. The higher cooler Mojave, with its scattered Joshua trees and sporadic boulders, has a unique look and feel to it.

If you are into camping, hiking and rock climbing, this place is epic. There are hundreds of trails and climbing routes for all levels of experience.

Our first Joshua tree sighting

Our first Joshua tree sighting!

wandering around the rocks

We wandered around the rocks discussing what they resembled. Sorta like watching clouds.

similar to devils marbles

The rocks here reminded us of the Devil’s Marbles in Australia.

strike a pose

Strike a pose


I decided to scale this boulder, only to get stuck at the top.

Entering the National Park

Entering the National Park. $20 will get you a 7 day pass for a carload of people (or $10 per person walking in).

unique looking plant

The plants here were so unique looking

golden hour

The light was fantastic during golden hour

lisette silhouette at joshua tree

The silhouette of Lisette and Joshua (tree that is)

couple enjoying sunset

A couple enjoying the sunset from the Key View lookout. On a clear day you can see Mexico from here (apparently).

last rays of sunlight

Last rays of sunlight and boy was it getting cold.

blue hour at joshua tree

During blue hour (minutes after the sun has set).

snow on the ground

The patches of snow on the ground tell you it’s cold. Brrrrr.

joshua tree at night

Joshua Tree National Park is one of the best places in the US for star gazing. With very little light pollution you can see why in this shot.

joshua tree night sky

Lisette was simply looking at her phone for this picture. The night sky was incredible.

Bring your torch for some cool shots

Bring your torch for some cool shots

joshua tree road

The road through the park is excellent


One of the many varieties of cactus

climbing to get a better view

This was much steeper than it looks

cholla cactus garden

The Cholla Cactus Garden

cholla cactus garden

Don’t get too close, we watched plenty of people bleeding after being spiked with a thorn


Extremely spikey, beware!

dead joshua tree

It’s a harsh environment and not all survive

lisette taking a photo of a joshua tree

Leave no trace, take only photos

Some more Joshua trees

Some more Joshua trees

Desolate landscape of the Colorado Desert

Desolate landscape of the Colorado Desert

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