Top Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in the world. Here you’ll find nature reserves, bustling markets, and teetering tower blocks to show Hong Kong is as fast-paced as it is diverse. Being home to more than 7 million people, 260 islands, and more skyscrapers than any other city in the world, Hong Kong is a dream city to visit. However, don’t be overwhelmed. While it’s a vibrant city, it has one of the best transportation systems on the planet, making it incredibly easy to navigate. You can comfortably move from one corner of the city to the other as you continue exploring.

If you want to fly from New York to Hong Kong, ensure you choose the right flight, and once you reach your destination, brace yourself for the time of your life. The city has so much to offer. The following are some of the top things you can do while on your visit.

Ride the World’s Longest Escalator

Hong Kong Escalator

After going through Hong Kong’s hilly streets, it only makes sense to rest your weary feet. Thankfully, the city has the longest escalator in the world, and why not take a ride? The escalator is 2624 feet and links the central and western districts on Hong Kong Island. What’s more, there are many shops and dining stops along the way to grab anything you want and continue with your ride. The escalator is a top tourist attraction that sees millions of visitors use it every year. It’s quite practical and worth trying while in Hong Kong.

Ride the Star Ferry

Star Ferry Hong Kong

If you are considering visiting Hong Kong, there’s a high possibility you’ve heard of the Victoria harbor’s skyline since it’s one of the top tourist attractions in the city. To enjoy its view, riding the star ferry is the best option. The ferry has been in use since 1888 to carry passengers from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon. While on your ride, be sure to enjoy the fantastic view of many towering skyscrapers as you float on the calm waters. At around 8 pm you can also get lucky to enjoy the light show from the star ferry.

Visit the Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street Night Market

This is Hong Kong’s best night market extending for three blocks. It operates from 6-11 pm, and it’s one of those places you want to go to because of the atmosphere. However, if you wish, you can still bargain hard for cheap clothes, fake Rolexes, and anything else that captures your attention. Also, one thing famous about this street night market is the fortune-tellers who tend to congregate at its center. They are well known for telling someone’s future by reading their palm or face. Most of their predictions are made using your birth date or using a trained bird to pick your fortune card. You’ll be amazed by how these fortune tellers are good at their job. The market has a lot to offer, and if you happen to be hungry, you are well covered. Here they serve whatever you want from noodles to curry. Don’t complete your stay in Hong Kong without visiting this market. Hike up to Victoria peak.

The iconic Victoria peak is one of Hong Kong’s landmarks. By hiking up to Victoria peak, you get to enjoy impressive views of Kowloon and the outlying islands, especially on clear days. The Peak Tram, which was opened back in 1888, is the most popular way of getting to the mountaintop, but it’s not the only way. Most times, it’s congested, and there tend to be persistent crowds and queues that you don’t have to be part of. You can find other ways and not have to miss the Victoria peak because of the many people waiting in line.

Visit the Hong Kong Museum of History

Hong Kong History Museum

Walking through history is one of the best ways to spend your time in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Museum of history will whisk you through millennia of the city’s history, starting with prehistory and ending with its return to China in 1997. You get to associate with the city’s past and understand it in depth. This museum has so much to offer, so you can rest assured you’ll enjoy every minute of your visit.

Climb to the Top of the Tian Tan “Big” Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

Reaching the top of the Tian Tan Big Buddha is not an easy task but should be among your top things to do while in Hong Kong. Reaching the top will involve 268 pretty steep stairs, but it’s breathtaking. The statue is one of the largest sitting buddhas worldwide and a top tourist attraction in Hong Kong. The Big Buddha is 112 feet tall and perfectly visible from the ground level. However, you can’t tell precisely how massive this statue is without climbing to the top and getting a close view. What’s more, the walk to the top can be quite fun, especially if you are a group.

Visit Man Mo Temple

Man Mo Temple

If you want to have an excellent time in Hong Kong, try visiting this temple, and don’t let its facade fool you. Its interior has one of the most striking views in the city. Here you will understand Man Cheong (the god of literature) and Mo Tai (the god of war). It is one reason why various students often populate this elegant temple as they try to cram for their exams. Once you step inside, you’ll appreciate the beauty of hundreds of smoking spears of incense. The place is a paradise, and the best part is you are allowed to take photos but be respectful while at it. Make some good memories here since the Man Mo temple is recognized worldwide.

Hike the Hong Kong Trail

Hong Kong Hiking Trail

If you visit Hong Kong and love hiking, why not get your sneakers and hike on the longest hiking trail in the city? Most people tend to forget just how green Hong Kong is, including the residents. Here, the longest hike you can do is approximately 50km. The trail starts from Victoria Peak to the Island South. The good thing about hiking on this trail is you also get to enjoy the scenic routes that you’ve never thought existed while getting treated to some impressive views.

Hopefully these tips will help to know some of the best things to do before starting your adventure. There’s a lot to explore beyond the glass and steel of Hong Kong’s commercial persona. If possible, travel with a local expert to learn more about the city and some of the best things to do to make your stay worthwhile.

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