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Aussie scones

Ready to dive first into some Australian grub (slang, for tasty food)? You might be interested to know that the Aussie enjoy a very multicultural diet. Many dishes that Australians consider truly Australian have been inherited from Chinese and Greek immigrants during the gold rush times, or dishes the British settlers brought with them.

Italy, the land of a, Vespa’s and, of course, great food. Italian food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world. Dishes are often kept simple, showcasing high-quality, fresh ingredients. Ingredients are best sourced locally, and there is a strong farm-to-table connection. The traditional recipes are passed down through generations. Ask any Italian person who cos the best food, and the answer will likely be “my mother.”


Romania has a rich history and plenty of places to see. The people are friendly, and most of them have excellent English skills, but the fascinating thing about them, the idea that will drive you straight there is their traditional food. Your taste buds will be ighted with an explosion of flavors.

Bangkok street food stall

Being the largest and most populous continent, Asia also holds an incredibly diverse and flavorsome cuisine, which many tourists fail to properly explore. Scattered throughout the multitude of countries, are some must-experience gems of the Asian culture which are necessities for any connoisseur.

On the search for coffee

As the world’s most addictive drug, a trip to Nicaragua naturally included a visit to Cafe Las Flores, which has been cultivating coffee for three generations. Situated along the slopes of Mombacho Volcano (we got there from Granada), Cafe Las Flores has been recognized by the Rainforest Alliance Certification for its sustainable and organic practices.

Stacks of barrels
Over 125 years, five generations and a process that can take from four to 25 years. That’s the essence of Flor de Cana, Nicaragua’s delicious rum that has continued to be processed despite political unrest, volcano eruptions, and earthquakes. A mere hour or so drive away from the heart of Leon, you can visit the [...]