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Every language learner needs a great teacher to pave the way in mastering a new language. This is why Babbel has a world-class didactic method at its core. Their experts obsessed over the strongest academic learning practices and cherry-picked empirically proven, time-tested strategies to teach languages. They then successfully translated a rich didactic encyclopedia into the digital world. The result is a powerful curriculum available at your fingertips — wherever you may be and whenever you want to learn.

Babbel gives you skills to use right away, enabling learners to immerse themselves in a new language like a native. Instead of drilling abstract sentences, vocabulary or grammar rules, the app teaches through real-life dialogue. Beginners start with typical greetings like, “Hello, how are you,” and gradually build up to practical dialogues like, “How can I book a single room?”

Languages currently offered:

- Spanish
- French
- German
- Italian
- Portuguese
- Russian
- Danish
- Dutch
- Indonesian
- Norwegian
- Polish
- Swedish
- Turkish


Company info

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Founded in 2007, Babbel is the world’s first language learning app. A leader in the online language learning industry, Babbel is an international success with millions of active subscribers and ranked as the world’s #1 innovative company in education. Their courses guarantee you language skills you can use right away. Babbel is the shortest path to real-life conversations; 73% of our users indicated that they’d be able to have a short, simple conversation in their new language within 5 hours.

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