Are You a Skier or Snowboarder?

As the temperatures in the Northern hemisphere drop we trade surf for snow, and what better place to be for winter than Europe. Not just for the rich and famous, snow sports open their chilly legs wide for all to enjoy.

We are talking snowy alpine peaks, warm apre bars, daggy one piece suits, ski goggles and the ridiculous tan lines that come with them. Within this pristine pass-time, however, there is some serious rivalry; skiers vs. snowboarders.

So we’ve put together a comparison of the smartly-suited, elegant skier and the baggy-clothed, chilled out, snowboarder.


Skier in one-piece suit


Slimmer pants, a fitted ski jacket, eisbar beanie and matching scarf and gloves, matching goggles. More plain and simple colors.


Colorful snowboarder gear


Baggy pants, loud clothing, beanie with bright colors and pom-poms in all the right places. Backpack for beers.

broken leg

Most injuries:

Knees and legs

broken wrist

Most injuries:

Wrists, collar bones and knees

Skier carving

Better for:

Ice and bumpy terrain, flatter areas. Easier to learn but harder to master

snowboarder in powder

Better for:

Picking up the opposite sex. Powder and tree runs, jumping off shit.
Harder to learn but easier to get good

Cross Country Skiing

Invented for practicality:

Nordics created skis to get around, to go hunting and for military ops.

Mammoth Half Pipe

Invented for fun:

Invented by Sherman Poppen as a toy for his daughter, or maybe a surfer just got lost

The legendary Bode Miller


Alpine, Freestyle, Park, Nordic, Military and others

Frontside tailslide


Park riding, Jibbing, Freeriding, Freestyle and Freecarve


GNAR – Gaffney’s Numerical Assessment of Radness (see the movie of the same name)

Snow-bunny – an inexperienced female skier who’s more into sitting at the cafe with a coffee looking cute than actually getting better.

Snow scum – boarders who don’t give a damn about the rules aka snowboarders

Bros and Big air – friends and a good deal of time in the air during a jump

Dicks on Sticks – Usually heard coming from a snowboarders mouth

Ski-Bum – Seasonal workers who work more on a hangover than they do for money.

Apre Ski – Means “After Ski”; copious drinking after riding


Pow – Deep snow, the reason to get out of bed in the morning
“Dude, that was epic pow!”

Shreddin’/Ridin’/Cruisin’ – to ride
Basically the snow equivalent of surfer lingo

Stomp/Bail – succeed or fail at a landing
“She just stomped that landing.”

Jibbing – sliding over objects that aren’t snow (eg. trees, rails, a skier)

Taco – to fall over a fence/rail so your body folds in half.

Scorpion – Falling forward so your legs come behind and hit you on the back of the head

Ski-Bum – See Skiers terms
Wanks on Planks – A response from Skiers when referred to as Dicks on Sticks.

So there you have it, it’s now up to you to decide which team you are on; a boarder dude or dudette or a skier bro or bro-ette… and then get to the snow.

One thing we know for sure that both sides have in common is the love of Apre Ski, a daily ritual in which they both unclip, loosen up and pickle themselves in a wondrous mix of Jagermeister, beer, schnapps, mulled wine and pretty much anything they can get their hands on.

No matter the side, you will be up on the bar dancing arm in arm with your forgotten rival singing songs you don’t understand.

If you are looking for a snow holiday with more bang for your buck, try Andorra on for size. This tiny tax-free principality sandwiched between France and Spain offers great snow and smaller crowds.

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