Escaping a Robbery Attempt at Gunpoint

Our intrepid explorers Mike and Alex were on a bike tour in a rough part of Buenos Aires during their recent trip to South America when a thief on a motorbike attempted to steal Alex’s expensive camera gear at gunpoint.

The entire incident was caught on the GoPro camera mounted on his forehead. The video has since gone viral with over 5 million views in the first 48 hours and media coverage worldwide. Not quite the exposure that the boys were looking for but a great way to take a bad situation and make it positive.

Situations like this happen all over the world but a little common sense goes a long way to ensuring your safety.

The lessons to be learned:

1. Make sure you don’t advertise that you are carrying expensive equipment. A lesson that can be used in everyday life and not just travel.

2. Always take out travel insurance and give the assailant what they want. Your life is far more valuable than any material good.

3. Learn some very basic phrases if you don’t speak the local language. While Alex may not have been able to understand what the assailant was saying, a basic phrase like “I’m sorry I don’t speak (insert language)” would have been helpful.

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