Funny Toilet Signs Around the World

“Honey I’m just off to the loo”…..It’s one of those things that we all do, it’s unavoidable, we use the toilet right. Well on our travels around the world we have seen more than our fair share of toilets and heard them called by many different names.

Today we would like to showcase to you all, a selection of some of the most unusual and funny toilet signs from all over the world and the names we like to call our toilets.

This is sure to put a wry smile on your face. Enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Funny Toilet Signs Around the World

  1. samuel kodjo

    if someone visit the white house what dose it mean in english speaking

  2. Hi Michael,

    Is if possible to tell me exactly where theses signs are based – ie pub or restaurant.
    Would be most helpful.

    Pauline UK

  3. TheTravelApprentice

    Those are very good, and good job gathering all those signs! I’ll probably pay more attention to the different ones from now on too…

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