How to Piss Off a Plane Full of People

It is a well-known fact that you should never mess with the folks at airport security. Since 9/11 you can’t get away with the slightest joke, just take a look around any airline check-in and you are sure to find a stern sounding sign advising not to poke fun about carrying weapons or drugs and the like.

There have been many cases where some idiot made a stupid joke only to be pulled to the side for a thorough bag and body search or worse yet denied boarding. Well, yesterday the stakes were raised when a passenger onboard a flight sneezed, then said “Sorry, I just came from Africa.”

All Hell Breaks Loose

With the recent death of a man in Texas that had contracted the Ebola virus in Africa tension levels are at an extreme in the US and any threat, no matter how stupid, is being taken seriously. So, while it came as no surprise when the US Airways flight was stopped on the runway what happened next was like something out of the movies.

Ambulances rushed toward the plane on the tarmac and men wearing blue Haz-mat suits boarded the flight. Thankfully the flight attendant did a great job in diffusing the situation onboard by making an announcement to the passengers and playing down the ridiculousness that was about to happen, humiliating the passenger who had caused it in the process.

Check out the video below to see how it all went down. Skip to 0:30 for the flight attendant announcement and the guy gets escorted off at about 7:20.

You can only imagine the hell this guy is going to face after being removed from the flight. Not only by officials but more so from any of the millions of people who have now watched his idiotic behavior on YouTube.

Sorta can’t help but think of this memorable scene in the animated movie Monsters Inc.

Have you ever seen someone ejected over a stupid comment?

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