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Ashford Castle

This list of the top 35 castles to stay the night in includes a of castles in towns and cities, in the middle of forests, on the top of mountains and overloing the ocean, as well as castles offering outdoor thrills and indoor relaxation. There is something for just about every taste on this list.

Schloss Sommersdorf

Owners Dr. Manfred Crailsheim, his wife Lilo and their dog Moritz make everyone feel at home in the hospitable Schloss Sommersdorf Castle. The Crailsheims have owned this castle since the 16th century, so a stay here really feels like you are staying at someone’s home.

Castelo de Itaipava

The Castelo de Itaipava in Brazil, not far from Rio de Janeiro, was built as a replica of a medieval-style castle. The exterior appearance of this hotel is similar to what may be found in France or Germany and the interior is decorated with chaniers, armor, and swords from Europe, making it truly feel like a castle.

Estancia la Candelaria

Situated approximately an hour and a half from Buenos Aires, one of few castles in South America, the Estancia la Canaria gives you a great glimpse of country life. This castle has a lot to offer horse rs, who will be able to participate in Argentinian ranch life.

Singer Castle

The Thousand Islands region in New York spans nearly 50 miles along the Saint Lawrence River, running out of Lake Ontario. The Singer Castle is a 100-year old stone castle that is as royal as they come in the United States.


The Hackeberga Castle is so beautiful, it has inspired several pieces of literature. The castle is relatively young, built in the 1870s, which means it has a different architectural style than many other European castles, with a French Renaissance style.

Parador de Cardona

The town of Cardona is itself worth a visit, but while there stay at the Parador de Cardona, with its wonderfully preserved gothic architecture and authentic interior design. The castle is a fortified enclosure, complete with moats and towers.

Parador de Oropesa

Highly suggest visiting this castle in April, when the town of Oropesa hosts its Medieval Days, which allows you to travel right back to medieval times, feeling like a king or queen in your castle. The Parador de Oropesa has a history of serving as a refuge for soldiers, religious leaders, and nobles.

Culzean Castle

The Culzean Castle is located on the Ayrshire coast and has the perfect location for amazing ocean views. The castle sits on a rocky promontory and has tall cliffs dropping down to the rocky sea on one side, and a steep glen on the other.