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Did you know that there is such a thing as cenosillicaphobia? The fear of an empty beer glass. Millions of men and women suffer from this heartbreaking
condition on a night out with friends.

No beer drinker can travel around the world without sampling the local
produce so lets test your knowledge and tell us which countries these beers are

craft beers

Beer is probably the smallest, most common denominator of the backpacking community. Travelers get to know each other over a pint, decide to make a trip together in the course of a few sips and cling their bottles to say goodbye after a life-changing journey.

fish monger

If travel is an experience for all the senses, then trying out a country’s cuisine can also achieve the same thing. From seeing and touching the fresh ingredients of a meal, listening to the sizzle of an ingredient as it is being coed, smelling a dish’s aroma as it is being prepared, and finally savoring its taste – a food tour can provide a gastronomic ight to all the senses.

Drunk asleep

Almost seven million people, in seventeen days, will drink seven million liters of beer. We are talking about the worlds’ largest festival – fun fair, volksfest, piss-up, whatever you would like to call it – held annually in Munich, Germany… and what’s it called? (everybody now) Oktoberfest!