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Puerto Rico is best known for the colonial charm of Old San Juan and the stunning beaches and coral reefs that surround the island. But Puerto Rico also boasts a rich, verdant interior with some quite exceptional trails that make it an excellent destination for a hiking vacation as well.

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Are you going on a trail hike in the near future, or perhaps loing into doing it regularly? It can be difficult to start, and you may not know where to begin to properly prepare yourself for the adventure. With that said, we can break it down into 4 simple rules that make hiking very easy to plan for and enjoy.

Rocky Mountains
Tarah has lived a pretty awesome life, and she hasn't even turned 30! She is a native of Colorado and has an obsession with mountains. If she could, she would spend every second outside. Tarah seeks out unique adventures, in remote places that few travel to. She prefers slow travel which allows her to get [...]
Camping under the stars
Hiking is truly a beautiful experience that will really make you appreciate the fact that you’re alive and breathing in this wonderful world, but only if you’re well prepared for it. I’ve been hiking for well over fifteen years now, and I’ve seen my share of accidents and mishaps, almost always through the fault and [...]
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If there’s one thing that Iceland isn’t scarce on, it’s natural beauty. From imposing volcanoes and glaciers, to animated clouds and awe-inspiring waterfalls, Iceland has something to marvel at on every turn.

Extreme Iceland packs in as many of these sights on its South Coast and Jökulsárlón Ice Lagoon tour, where you see icebergs, black sand beaches, glaciers, lava fields and waterfalls in an action-packed two-day adventure

On a gray and miserable afternoon, my husband and I to a tour with Inside the Volcano, to descend 120 meters into Thrihnukagigur (‘Three Peaks Crater’), a dormant volcano that had last erupted 4,000 years ago.

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I’m all about action and adventure; you name it, we to go hiking, biking, and climbing. It’s important to stay hydrated during these types of activities but I’m personally not a huge fan of carrying a water bottle and prefer a hydration system instead.

Crossing Snow Lake

When you think of “trekking” most people might not immediately contemplate Pakistan. But the Northern areas better known as Kashmir, have some of the most majestic treks on the planet. The two most popular are K2 base camp, where you can see the dramatic Karakoram Mountains while walking up the Baltoro glacier, and the spectacular Biafo Hispar glacier trek also know as Snow Lake.