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toilet sign

“Honey I’m just off to the loo”…..It’s one of those things that we all do, it’s unavoidable, we use the toilet right. Well on our travels around the world we have seen than our fair of toilets and heard them called by many different names.

message in a bottle

Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to inspire us to venture into new and unfamiliar places. I have compiled a list of interesting and sometimes funny travel quotes that will be sure to entertain you. Some are profound in their meaning while others are purely observations that we can all relate to.

aircraft cockpit

Air crews have their own inscrutable patois that can be difficult to decipher by outsiders. Below is a list of common terms one might hear while eavesdropping on an inter-crew confab or listening to a passenger announcement (but who does that these days?).

Ebola Scare

It is a well-known fact that you should never mess with the folks at airport security. Since 9/11 you can’t get away with the slightest je, just take a lo around any air check-in and you are sure to find a stern sounding sign advising not to pe fun about carrying weapons or drugs and the like.