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Swimming, snorkeling, or diving with whale sharks is high up on many wildlife-watchers’ travel bucket list. Paddling next to the world’s largest non-mammalian vertebrate certainly gives you some perspective! These giants of the sea grow up to 10, 15, or even 20 meters in length, depending on who you ask – making them the double-decker buses of the fish world (a reputation reinforced by Disney’s Finding Nemo). They may be big in size, but little is known about these mysterious marine creatures, only adding to their allure!


If you haven’t thought about going camping in Europe, then you must add it to your list. There’s nothing fascinating and nature embracing than spending your night in the middle of nature. Europe has many such places where you and your friends can spend ly nights under the stars.

“You can call me the Moose Whisperer. Or you can just call me damn lucky. Either way I can’t complain that this Mama Moose thought that photo bombing me was a great way to start my day at Grand Teton National Park. Thank you Mama Moose.”