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Being a travel photographer often puts one in a situation where he or she needs to think on their feet how to use the best of the gear they have. Travel photographers need to compromise between carrying a lot of equipment (which can be a tedious task) and not utilizing all of the tech available (which can impact the photo quality).


Do you travel photography? Have you ever felt that some places are so magical that it appears like a déjà vu? When you are there, you feel some sort of attraction that you just want to capture that moment in your mind! And it keeps replaying in your mind for the rest of your life. It could be the beauty, the serenity or the adventure quotient that makes it a bewitching location for you.

Crossing Snow Lake

When you think of “trekking” most people might not immediately contemplate Pakistan. But the Northern areas better known as Kashmir, have some of the most majestic treks on the planet. The two most popular are K2 base camp, where you can see the dramatic Karakoram Mountains while walking up the Baltoro glacier, and the spectacular Biafo Hispar glacier trek also know as Snow Lake.

joshua tree at night

During the recent holidays, we decided to forgo the New Year parties and spend some time away from the crowds. We packed our bags and set off on a road trip from our home in San Francisco down to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California.