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Do you know your Bangk from your Bangui? Your San Jose from your San Salvador? Your Guatemala City from your Panama City? OK, so maybe that last one is pretty self-explanatory. But, going beyond the usual culprits – Tyo, Paris, London… – capital cities can get pretty tricky. Think you know your countries and their capitals? Take this ultimate capitals quiz to find out.


Do you know your Glastonbury from your Coachella, pe your head out your tent and test your music festival knowledge with our global festival quiz!

You may even discover a new festival to add to your music bucket list…

Happy quizzing!


Do you know your Iceland from your Ireland? Mauritius from Madagascar? The Isle of Wight from the Isle of Man?

Put your knowledge to the test with this travel picture quiz of some of the world’s most bed and visited islands; the ultimate trivia round to separate the wannabe islets from the well-traveled islands. White sands to electric skys, mountain peaks to ancient ruins… do you think you can recognize these islands from just one photo? Challenge accepted.

Do you know your freshwater from your salt lakes, from warm and tropical to icy waters this quiz will really test your knowledge of some of the most beautiful bodies of water across this earth!

UN Flags

Think you are a total geography pro and could name any flag in the world? Test that theory with this quiz, one of the hardest flag quizzes you will ever take in your life! Good luck (you’ll need it)! 

Film Location 10

All travelers have that one movie that they for the scenery than for the story. Not all movies are filmed in Hollywood, or even in the place they are depicting. Test how well you know where your favorite movies were actually filmed with this quick quiz. Good Luck! 

City Beach 3

For people who the energy and options of cities, but also to spend their vacation rela, there is nothing better than a city with beaches. Check your knowledge of places you can do it all with this quiz on city beaches. Good Luck! 

Ski Quiz 6

Skiing is one of the best winter activities. There is nothing like being on the top of a snow-covered mountain, skis strapped to your feet, ready to cruise down the mountain! This quiz tests your knowledge of world ski resorts. Good luck!