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For nature rs, spending time under the stars is a great occasion to enjoy what the environment has to offer. There are so many beautiful places to see on this Earth; we don’t have the time to see them all in this life.


The remotest place on Earth is hands-down the best place to stargaze, there is no doubt you will leave impressed. The nights here are long, and you will have plenty of stars to admire. If you can endure the cold, the experience will well be worth it.


Coonabarabran is a town in Australia situated in New South Wales, and its nickname is “Coona.” For those who would to admire the stars from this remote part of the world, Siding Spring Observatory is the place to visit.


Sabah is a Malaysian state situated on the northern part of the Borneo island, and it is the country’s highest place due to Mount Kinabalu which is filled with granite spires. This place is famous for its ly beaches, rainforest, abundant wildlife, and, its parks and reserves.


Aogashima is a volcanic island Japanese people are proud to call their own. Located in the Philippine Sea, people often refer to it as the Tyo Secret Island Paradise, and it is as accurate as the name implies.


Nova Scotia is one of the best places to go stargazing in Canada. The International Starlight Foundation has designated the shores of Yarmouth, Argyle, and Clare as the most exciting places to spend the night stargazing.


This desert is a magnificent 600 mile-long plateau situated on the Chilean Pacific coast. A combination of being so far from any towns, its high altitude, and its dry climate, make this place the perfect option for stargazing fans to spend the night.