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Hiking in Landmannalaugar

After sleeping soundly in our warm Reykjavik apartment and a hearty breakfast consisting of Icelandic skyr, coffee and rye bread with cream cheese, our group was excited for our “Landmannalaugar on Big Wheels” tour with Extreme Iceland.


Favela. Commonly translated as “slum”, these are communities with low-income residents in Brazil. At best, favelas eve images of colorful brick and cement houses full of vibrancy and activity; at worst, favelas can elicit ideas of substandard housing and squalor, and communities terrorized by drugs and crime.

fish monger

If travel is an experience for all the senses, then trying out a country’s cuisine can also achieve the same thing. From seeing and touching the fresh ingredients of a meal, listening to the sizzle of an ingredient as it is being coed, smelling a dish’s aroma as it is being prepared, and finally savoring its taste – a food tour can provide a gastronomic ight to all the senses.