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Our San Sebastian Surf Camp is a perfect blend of beautiful landscape (mountains and beaches baby), the Basque culture, the food, the parties, the waves, the weather (hot, but not deathly so), the mother lovin’ lifestyle.


La Tomatina is a ‘must do’ European festivals. It’s the biggest food fight of the year- for one morning of madness thousands of people take to the streets to fling, pelt, toss and smoosh tomatoes into the faces of their fellow revelers.


Go loony at the best party in all of Southeast Asia! Dance to the beat like a maniac and witness insane fire throwing antics.

The word lunacy comes from the Latin word for moon, lunar. This is because people believed the full moon could make you go stark-raving mad. At this party, you’d think it was true. You see half-naked people dancing like maniacs, witness insane fire throwing antics, and spot saucy acts in very peculiar places. Best of all, we make sure you enjoy the madness. Join this adventure and let yourself go loony at the best party in all of Southeast Asia!


Our ultimate Irish adventure! Tour Ireland, north and south and visit Inis Mór, the Gaelic-speaking Aran Islands hidden away off the west coast. This one has it all — traditional music, stunning scenery, ancient monuments and vibrant towns, plus great craic on the road and at night. This is your chance to see Ireland through Irish eyes. Seven action-packed and fun-filled days which may well turn out to be the best days of your life!


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Enjoy panoramic mountain views and the sensational feeling of flying high above the lakes and towns of the Jungfrau region. Your experienced pilot will ensure a smooth take off, a safe flight and a gentle landing.