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La Tomatina is a 'must do' European festivals. It’s the biggest food fight of the year- for one morning of madness thousands of people take to the streets to fling, pelt, toss and smoosh tomatoes into the faces of their fellow revelers.

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At this massive food fight tonnes and tonnes of tomatoes are dumped in the village of Buñol where thousands of people from around the world gather to scoop up and hurl them at each other. It’s game on! While it is war, it’s a war of fun and love (deep down). Nobody gets hurt, we all just get a little dirty.

After the canon fires signalling the start of the battle, we have about an hour to throw as many tomatoes as humanly possible – and there are millions to choose from, soft ones, hard ones, green ones, rotten ones, the choice is yours. When the fight is over, we’ll wash off in the Buñol river, and then make our way back to Valencia, but you’ll continue to find tomato on your body for hours afterwards.

The ‘Foreplay party’ goes on the night before the fight, at our beachside campsite, where our chef cooks a giant paella (Valencia’s most well-known dish) for all of us to dine on, hit the sand for some beach games and splash around in the on-site pool. There’s a shop and restaurant at the campsite and of course we also have our own bar where you can take advantage of unlimited beer and sangria for only €10 extra per day.

The night after the tomato fight we’ll load up the buses and take you to the official La Tomatina after party. You’ll be staying in twin-share, pre-erected tents with mattresses and sleeping bags, eating chef prepared breakfasts and dinners and meeting hundreds of like-minded travellers from all over the world (and eventually throwing tomatoes at them).


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