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Promote your brand to thousands of budget-conscious travelers by offering a discount (or free inclusions) on our travel offers page. Your offer will be promoted through this site, social media, and our newsletter and tracked accordingly.

Paragliding Interlaken

“We already booked our listing for next year again because we can reach backpackers before they start traveling and offer them our product at a cheaper rate. For us, it is a total win-win situation.”

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  • Showcase your offer with a dedicated deal page
  • Add images, video, and detailed info to inspire customers about your product or service
  • Boost your company’s brand reputation

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Depending on which plan you choose, we’ll implement a strategy so your deal gets seen

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Pricing options

We are extremely proud to support great providers from multi-million dollar companies to family-run bed & breakfasts you most likely have never heard of. Our three-tier pricing structure lets you choose a plan that’s the perfect fit for your budget, starting at just $69 for a 30-day listing.


(Average cost per day)
Duration of Listing
# of Facebook shares
# of Twitter shares
Member email
Deal page features

Platinum Offer

(Average cost per day) : ($0.55)
Duration of Listing : 12 months
# of Facebook shares : 2
# of Twitter shares : 12
Member email : Yes
Deal page features: Full description
10 images
Company profile
Video feature

Gold Offer

(Average cost per day) : ($1.10)
Duration of Listing : 90 days
# of Facebook shares : 1
# of Twitter shares : 6
Member email : Yes
Deal page features: Full description
5 images
Company profile

Silver Offer

(Average cost per day) : ($2.30)
Duration of Listing : 30 days
# of Facebook shares : 0
# of Twitter shares : 2
Member email : No
Deal page features: Summary description
1 image
Company profile

Do you currently partner with affiliates? If so, email [email protected] and ask us about our special affiliate rates.

More information

Average cost per day

We broke down the cost of each plan based on their duration to give you a better idea of what each plan works out to on a daily investment. Less than a cup of coffee, even for the Silver Plan.

Duration of Listing

If you choose the Platinum Plan, your listing will remain on our site for a full 12 months. The Gold Plan has a 90-day listing duration, while the Silver Plan is good for 30 days on our site.

# of Facebook shares

Gold and Platinum Travel Offer we list on Backpacker Travel will be shared on our Facebook page. The number of shares depends on the plan you choose.

# of Twitter shares

Every Travel Offer we list on Backpacker Travel will be shared on our Twitter. The number of tweets depends on the plan you choose.

Member email

Gold or Platinum Travel Offers will be sent out via email to our members as soon as the listing goes live. Platinum Offers will also be emailed again 1-2 weeks prior to the expiration of the offer.

Deal page features

We put together a detailed visual representation of the page features that are included for each plan below.

Breakdown of offer inclusions

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