13 of the Best Ziplines Around the World

A zipline (also known as a flying fox, foefie slide, zip wire, aerial runway, aerial ropeslide, death slide or tyrolean crossing) consists of a pulley suspended on a cable mounted on an incline. It is designed to enable a user propelled by gravity to travel from the top to the bottom of the inclined cable, usually made of stainless steel, by holding on or attaching to the freely moving pulley.

They may be short and low, intended for child’s play and found on some playgrounds. Longer and higher rides are often used as a means of accessing remote areas, such as a rainforest canopy.

Zipline tours are now fast becoming popular vacation activities, found at outdoor adventure camps or upscale resorts, where they may be an element on a larger challenge or ropes course.

Today we highlight 13 of the best!

1. Zip 2000

Sun City, South Africa

The is the world’s longest zip. It is located in Sun City South Africa. It descends at speeds up to 160km/h (100 mp/h).

2. Icy Straight Point

Alaska, United States

The zip in Hoonah Icy Straight Point, Alaska takes 90 seconds to complete a 1,300-foot vertical drop at 24 degrees.

3. Pena Aventura Park

Ribeira de Pena, Portugal

The Fantasticable is a cable which connects Lamelas and Bustelo. With a top speed of 130km/h, it is considered the largest Fantasticable the world!

4. Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

Puerto Rico

Have you ever wondered how birds feel free to fly through the sky? This tour allows you to experience it firsthand. You’ll be flying in the same position of a bird with a special harness ensuring your chest and waist.

5. Finca Mi Universo Zipline


South America’s longest zip near Cali, Colombia. Two zips cross the gorge twice.

6. The Kapohokine

Hawaii, United States

The Kapohine Offers views of the Umauma falls and zips 160′ above 14 other falls.

7. The Heavenly Flyer

Tahoe, United States

Heavenly Ski Resort at Lake Tahoe, California. It has a 525 ft vertical drop over 80 seconds and reaches 50 mph.

8. Skyrider Tour

Hunter Mountain, United States

The SkyRider tour is the 2nd largest in North America, 600′ above the ground.

9. The Zip Zone

Bukidnon, Philippines

The Zip Zone is Asia’s longest zip. It is located in Bukidnon, Philippines. Zip Zone’s Dual Carrying cables are each 840 meters long point to point with a drop in elevation of 100 meters and speeds between 60-100 KPH.

10. The Dragon’s Breath

Ladadee, Haiti

The Dragon’s Breath zip runs over Labadee, Haiti and is the longest zip over water. It runs to the beach below.

11. Skyline Zipline

Calgary, Canada

You will ride in a comfortable harness and fly down a unique cable system, reaching speeds between 120 and 140km/h. Calgary’s highest vantage point, the Ski Jump Tower at Canada Olympic Park, provides a jump that is 550-meters long with a vertical drop of than 100 meters.

12. The River Valley Ranch

Maryland, United States

The River Valley Ranch zip is in Maryland located at a summer camp.

13. Great Wall of China

Simatai, China

After hiking along the Great Wall at Simatai you can jump on a zip that will speed you over a lake to the carpark below.

14. Sky Trek **Bonus**

Monteverde, Costa Rica

Sky Trek is a thrilling zip located in Monteverde. Your tour will start riding an open-air gondola from the ground to the heights where you’ll be dropped off at an observation area for fantastic views. From this area, you will start riding down on a zip track stretching across canyons and in between treetops.

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13 thoughts on “13 of the Best Ziplines Around the World

  1. Hey Michael!😌

  2. You forgot the Dubai Marina zip line which is the longest urban zip line and sure to thrill. You take of from a skyscraper!

    • We might need to create an updated list. Thanks for the tip.

      • Hi Michael,
        In Italy my friends went on a Zipline that crossed a deep valley from one village high on a mountain to another village across the valley also tucked into the mountain. J I watched – it looked scary! I don’t remember the town but it was in the area of Puglia. I’ve not see any mention in any of the zipline posts i”ve been reading about. Are you aware of this zipline? It looked amazing!!

      • Hey Janet, no I’m not aware of this one. Do you have any details about it?

  3. I love ziplines! Nice to see Bukidnon in this list 😀 In the Philippines, the funnest i’ve been so far is in the Seven Falls of Lake Sebu, which is said to be the tallest in SEA 🙂

  4. All of these look amazing. I have to confess that most of the ziplines I’ve been on haven’t been that high or scary. Time for that to change though!

  5. Monteverde in Costa Rica has to be on there too! Pronutro looks pretty gnarly.

  6. SO awesome! I like to try the one in Icy Straight Point – Hoonah | Alaska and The Dragon’s Breath – Ladadee | Haiti.

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