Best Bridges to Leave You in Awe

Have you ever thought about visiting this type of destination: a bridge? It is unusual and uncommon, you will be amazed how many towns have incredible bridges that have become so popular due to their spectacularity, so much so that many people only visit the city to take a selfie on the bridge.

We often use bridges for transportation, but even a bridge can be inspiring and charming to the eye. The architecture, the view, the thrill – all these will convince you to give these destinations a try. In this article, we’ll reveal 20 awe-inspiring bridges around the world, that you can visit.

1. Titlis Cliff Walk

Gadmen, Switzerland

Known as the “world’s scariest bridge,” the 3000 m height bridge is located in Switzerland, and it’s probably the highest bridge in Europe. But don’t worry, it is very safe even if it will give you wobbly legs!

2. Langkawi Sky Bridge

Langkawi, Malaysia

Want to walk in the sky? This bridge hangs at about 100m above the land, and you will feel 10 inches from heaven. It swings over the landscape and the bridge is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world.

3. Eshima Ohashi Bridge


The first time you see this bridge from a distance, it los like you’re going down a rollercoaster, but it’s not. It is broad and robust enough that you can cross it in a car. Although the bridge is very steep, you can still pass over it, hopefully, with little fear.

4. The Carrick-a-Rede Bridge

Ballintoy, Northern Ireland

This bridge was made by salmon fishermen almost 350 years ago. It’s only 30m in height and has recently been repaired for pedestrians to cross. You can take a tour on the bridge and learn about its fascinating history. The bridge is made using rope and stone, which is the traditional way it would have been in medieval times.

5. Royal Gorge Bridge

Colorado, USA

You can use your car or walk along the bridge. Either way, you’ll never forget this experience. Located in Canon City, Colorado, the Royal Gorge Bridge has an amusement park on both ends of it.

6. Deception Pass Bridge

Washington, USA

The name of this bridge might be slightly offputting, but it is descriptive of what you might find here. Of course, there is nothing scary about this place… unless you’re afraid of heights and fog. The bridge is 180ft above the water, and it links both Whidby and Fidalgo islands.

7. Puente de Ojuela

Durango, Mexico

One of the best places you can visit in Durango state is this mysterious bridge. This suspension bridge was built by the same architects who created the Brolyn Bridge. You have so much to explore here if you defeat your fear of heights and deep fog.

8. Sunshine Skyway Bridge

Florida, USA

Amuse your eyes with the view of the Tampa Bay in Florida, as you cross the longest cable-stayed concrete bridge in the world. The design of the bridge is simply beautiful, and its yellow color represents the sunshine state of Florida.

9. Aiguille du Midi

Mont Blanc, France

If you’re not afraid of heights, then you’ll be excited to visit this bridge. Located in the center of Chamonix, this bridge is almost 3000 m above sea level. Due to its height, you get to see all of the French, Swiss and Italian Alps.

10. The Capilano Suspension Bridge

North Vancouver, Canada

Take a walk in nature and enjoy the view of the Capilano River below. The beautiful sight of the forest will make you feel like you’re in Santa’s city due to all the Christmas trees. This simple suspension bridge is in Vancouver, Canada.

11. The Helix Bridge


The first curved bridge in the world, this bridge is truly a gem. It links both Marina Centre and Marina South in the Marina Bay Area, Singapore. This art of the bridge are lights that light up in a specific pattern, to create a unique visual experience for you. If Christmas is something you celebrate, then you will the lights on this bridge that create a Christmassy atmosphere all year round.

12. Palladian Bridge at Prior Park

Bath, UK

This bridge is a perfect example of classy, elegant architecture. It was inspired by the classical architecture of both ancient Greeks and Romans. This style was so popular in England during the 18th century, and it’s the last of three of its kind built in England.

13. The Living Root Bridges

Meghalaya, India

This title’s not just a name; the bridges are made of tree roots. This form of tree shaping is common in the Meghalaya state since they are handmade by people of the mountains using only rubber fig trees.

14. Henderson Waves Bridge


This pedestrian bridge is only 38m above the ground and is designed with a wave-like shape. The unique design is what has attracted so many people over the years. Also, it holds the record of the highest pedestrian bridge in Singapore.

15. Puente Nuevo

Ronda, Spain

This bridge is located in Ronda new town, Spain, and links it to the old city. When you lo at it, it seems like an ancient bridge perfect for history rs. While you cross it, the views of the road on both sides are amazing.

16. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Bristol, UK

Sitting on the cliffs of Avon Gorge in Bristol, England, this bridge is one attraction you must not miss. It attracts thousands of visitors a year, and people come here to enjoy the sight of ancient Avon Gorge, elegant Clifton and explore the vibrant city beyond.

17. Si-o-Se Pol

Isfahan, Iran

From the ancient Persian culture, located in Isfahan, Iran, is this unusual bridge that will definitely catch your attention. This old solid bridge is made of Sarooj, a very special type of cement, and clay bricks. It truly represents the authentic Iranian Architecture, and you will its romantic side.

18. Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge


Just the place for history rs, this bridge is an example of the Dong culture. Built with five pavilions, using porches and eaves, it is the perfect place to experience the Asian culture. It got the name because it challenges brutal weather conditions.

19. Pont du Gard

Vers-Pont-du-Gard, France

The most visited bridge in France, this masterpiece is one of the greatest in the world. It still stands since the 1st century; this is why the architecture los from an ancient time. It’s the highest Roman bridge in the world, and it to only five years to be built.

20. Glass Skywalk

Zhangjiajie, China

This bridge is one of the most terrifying due to the slim edge and height where it’s situated. If you ever wanted to lo in a deep gorge, now you have the opportunity. This glass bridge seems so modern, yet so fragile.

Who knew that a bridge could be inspiring? Not only helping people with transportation but also a link to the glorious past. So what are you waiting for? Grab your bags and live the moment! Happy travels!

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