Best Places to go Whitewater Rafting

Got a thirst for adventure? We have compiled a list of some of the best place around the world to go whitewater rafting. You will find them conveniently organized by region. If you think we have missed any please let us know in the comments section below.

The river features some calm waters but is sure to be an adventurous race. It is one of the best places for whitewater rafting in Asia. Rafting while enjoying the beautiful scenes of India is an added bonus to rafter rs the world over.

Whitewater rafting is relatively new to Thailand but it has been a big hit already. Some of the already well-known river is the Chiang Mai and those that can be found North of Thailand. There are unique jungle homestay, trekking excursions, elephant treks and even full moon rafting. This is truly unique and can only be found in Thailand.

Rising near the border with Tibet, among the world’s highest peaks, the Sun Koshi offers a trip of Himalayan majesty on its way to join the Ganges on the plains below. Class V rapids abound as it thunders through narrow gorges and forested canyons. The final stretch takes you through dense tropical jungle where monkeys chatter from the trees.

Flowing below Mt. Agung, river trips on the Telaga Waja offer class II-III rapids. Expect to see both tropical and open valley environments on a short half-day trip.

The Grand Canyon of the Himalayas is one of the most spectacular navigable gorges in the world. You’ll begin at 14,000 feet above sea level and pass through some of the world’s most dazzling geological formations.

The Drigung Chu is situated in an exquisite alpine valley about 2 hours from Lhasa. Continuous class III rapids are interspersed with incredible granite gorges and challenging class IV rapids. Include this on your way to Everest base camp.

On the magical island of Sumatra, the lush Alas drops from the highlands and across 186 miles (299 kilometers) of Gunung Leuser National Park. Monkeys, lemurs, and orangutans are on hand to watch you attempt the class III-IV rapids.

Selangor River is the most popular river for recreational whitewater rafting since the 90s. Located about 1-hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, this location continues to provide outdoor enthusiasts an extreme wild whitewater ride until present day. The river is highly dependent on the water release from Selangor Dam and the rapids range from class II-IV.

Whitewater rafting in this river’s light aqua blue water that contrasts nicely against the thick evergreen trees will undoubtedly be one of the greatest rafting adventure one will ever have. The extra advantage of whitewater rafting in Switzerland is the beautiful Swiss Alps.

Located in north-east Turkey, the river is recognized as one of the top ten white water rivers in the world. Being one of those rivers with high volume rapids, this river is not for the faint of heart.

With so many great choices from all over the world you should be able to find a nearby place to get your whitewater rafting fix. Which of these would be first on your list?

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2 thoughts on “Best Places to go Whitewater Rafting

  1. I’ve been whitewater rafting twice with Rafting in the Smokies ( on the Pigeon River. I am glad the river actually has two sections of difficulty. The Lower Pigeon allows me to take my young daughter. I can’t wait until we can try harder rapids on the Upper. Since we’ve gone so many times, by the time she is old enough, she’ll be ready for it!

  2. Amazing article about white water river rafting around the world. In Bali we have Ayung river and Telaga Waja river to do white water rafting and it is so fun.

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