Best Places to go Camping in Europe

If you haven’t thought about going camping in Europe, then you must add it to your list, especially Side Farm Camping site. There’s nothing more fascinating and nature embracing than spending your night in the middle of nature. Europe has many such places where you and your friends can spend lovely nights under the stars.

You will love the sound of birds singing in the morning, the song of crickets chirping in the night, and the nature awakening truly is a phenomenon. Reconnecting with nature may be the best thing you can do for yourself you will get the time to make time stop for a couple of hours, forget about all your problems, and seek the childish joy in your inner self.

More than that, Europe has plenty of incredible places you can go camping. The landscapes are so varied you won’t be able to decide where to go first. Together with 99camping, we’ve put together this list of our top 20 places to go camping in Europe. Happy traveling!

1. D’Olde Kamp

Ansen, Netherlands

This is the perfect location for a chilled out camping trip. The woodland site will offer you a choice of open field camping opportunities, and you also have the choice of private pitches. For those of you who don’t want to leave civilization way behind, there is some cool stuff like coffee on tap, you can order warm bread, you can make a fire pit or a pizza in an outdoor pizza oven, and the most interesting of all, free WiFi.

2. Landgoed de Barendonk

Beers, Netherlands

The Barendonk estate is nothing less than a patchwork of green fields you will to admire. Also, there are many places for campers and their caravans, but even a special place for tents.

3. Camping Lindenhof

Bern, Switzerland

This place is situated in the vine-covered slopes of Seeland, near Lake Biel. Here you can see the Jura hills opposite. If you are an adventurous person, you will be glad to hear that you can cycle alongside rivers, hike to the Swiss Grand Canyon, or walk through the vines.

4. Camping Carso

Trieste, Italy

There are some excellent opportunities for camping in Italy. This place, for example, Camping Carso in Trieste is the perfect place to go on a trip when you want to live a couple of days peacefully.

5. Camping Camino de Santiago

Burgos, Spain

What can you do in Camino de Santiago? Well, you can go camping, birding, cycling, pilgrim-watching, and you will never get bored. Its name comes from the 500-mile pilgrim path that goes to Santiago de Compestela in Galicia.

6. Camping Port Massaluca

Catalunia, Spain

Spain has many camping sites to offer. This is another incredible place where you can go fishing, kayaking, birdwatching without getting bored. The birds you can spot here will amaze you: Griffon vulture, alpine swift, the peregrine falcon. Don’t forget your binoculars because the place doesn’t disappoint!

7. Campsite Nature Ferie

Hals, Denmark

Located in woodland and by the sea, the Campsite Nature Ferie allows you to enjoy your favorite activities, which include swimming, fishing. You can even play beach volleyball to have even fun.

8. Camp Vala

Mokalo, Croatia

Just the place to relax and enjoy yourself, this would be a perfect spot for a vacation far away from daily life troubles. You can have your favorite drink at the beach bar, go to the south side, and enjoy the fantastic view of reefs, small islands, and the beautiful Korcula island. This can be a trip you never want to end.

9. Camp Liza

Bovec, Slovenia

Just like boing a hotel room, you can bo your tent in advance. Besides the excellent location and the shade cover, you won’t be having a problem with other campers because you get an exclusive zone for parking campervans, separated from the tents zone. So basically, it’s a first-class camp.

10. Tartaruga Camping

Zakynthos, Greece

Tartaruga could almost be an imaginary place that is too good to be true, but it does exist. A full white beach that tempts you to swim and enjoy the seawater or you can watch loggerhead turtles that visit the beach. Also, you can taste icious Greek cuisine in the restaurants nearby where the food is always fresh.

11. Renndølsetra

Innerdalen Valley, Norway

Relax as you feel the breeze and breathe the fresh air because, on this farm, you can get your morning coffee with some waffles of your choice, perhaps some cold drinks to chill.

12. Black Sea


There are many camping sites near the Black sea; what they all in common is the glorious view of the Black sea. Nothing could ever compete with the early morning at the beach when the gentle cool breeze hits your skin.

13. Eco Campsite Koren

Mountain eco, Slovenia

If you are in the Koren campsite, then close your eyes and listen, as the sounds of the Soca river caresses your ears, breath in the fresh, healthy air, and wander around this beautiful scenery. Sights of nature around you are enough to please your eyes wherever you may lo.

14. Camping Bankenhof

Hinterzarten am Titisee, Germany

This campsite is loaded with many comforts for you: shop, cafe, bar. Caravan and tent pitched ready for you to enjoy.

15. Camping Eigernordwand

Grindelwald, Switzerland

You’re going to this. Winter or summer, this is the perfect place for both seasons. Having the famous Eiger north face, you will be enjoying this amazing view for sure.

16. Camping Acampada Chío

Tenerife, Spain

In this place, you can enjoy the sense of living in the middle of nature, and you can sleep in tents, motorhomes, caravans, or other adapted vehicles.

17. Reykjavik Campsite


Who wouldn’t know about the beauty of Iceland? What if you’ve decided to camp there? If you already like Iceland, then after camping you’re going to it. The Reykjavik campsite is the greenest campsite you can stay in; it has a rather rela setting and a ly park with a beautiful view.

18. Derrylahan Independent Hostel Campsite

Derrylahan, Ireland

In this peaceful place, you can feel the fresh air as it fills your lungs. Also, you get to amaze your eyes with the beauty of the Teelin bay which has a fantastic view.

19. Camping Fusina

Venezia, Italy

Watch the beauty of Venice while enjoying the nature around you, with a significant number of shaded pitches, and numerous facilities. Have a drink at the bar and relax, or you want to taste a piece of the Italian dishes? You can do it both. And to make things even better, you get to swim in a pool and refresh your body.

20. Camping Milano

Milan, Italy

The greenery at this campsite is unbelievable; then again, it is Italy. They are famous for the beauty of their landscapes. Then what can you do there? Well, it is placed next to the Milano city, so what CAN’T you do there? Shopping in Milano is a fun experience, enjoy the sights of the town, you can’t have enough.

Stop wasting your time inside when you could be out in these amazing camping environments! Get your gear, book your flight tickets, and leave on the adventure of your life! Camping in Europe has never been so accessible. If you have any questions, comment below, and we will help you out!

Happy travels!

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