See Whale Sharks in Al-Lith, Red Sea, Saudi Arabia


One of the newest additions on the whale shark radar, the Al-Lith aggregation in the Red Sea off Saudi Arabia was discovered to be a whale shark hotspot in 2014. Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and King Abdullah University are currently working together to study the whale sharks in this region.

The isolated reef is the perfect home for young whale sharks and the population is estimated to be 50/50 male and female, which is very unusual. A co-ed whale shark high “school” of fish, perhaps?

Whale shark season runs from March to June. However, note that Saudi Arabia doesn’t grant individual tourist visas to nationals of all countries. Therefore, it’s best to book a group tour with a diving tour operator outside of the country. Reliable European companies include Dive & Travel, Beluga Divers, and Mar Rosso, which can book for any nationality.

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