See Whale Sharks in Isla Holbox, Mexico

North America

A 25-minute boat ride from Mexico’s Quintana Roo, only 150 kilometers from Cancun, lies the northern Isla Holbox. As the island is located right at the gateway between the Carribean and the Gulf of Mexico, this makes the sleepy isle ideal for visiting whale sharks.

For tour operators, Willy’s is the most highly recommended, but there are plenty of options available. You can also take boat tours from neighboring Cancun or Playa del Carmen to see these giants of the sea, but a stay on idyllic Isla Holbox is the best option for a relaxing whale shark getaway.

Whale sharks are feeding and mating around the island between May and September, with the best months for whale shark sightings being July and August. Whale sharks are believed to be mostly solitary creatures, so the annual phenomenon of 800+ of these fish coming to Holbox to feed is truly astounding.

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