See Whale Sharks in Koh Tao, Thailand


Thailand’s Koh Tao is noted as one of the cheapest diving destinations in the world, with many full-moon-partygoers heading to little “Turtle Island” to get their PADI and nurse a hangover. Whale sharks are often spotted at Chumphon Pinnacle, which is only 15 minutes offshore.

There are plenty of diving operators to choose from and we hear great things about Big Blue. However, if you prefer to snorkel, you may have to negotiate with a diving school to see if you can tag along on a dive boat, as snorkeling tours are not common.

Whale sharks inhabit the waters off Koh Tao all year, but sightings are not always guaranteed, as these private creatures can be quite elusive. The best months to spot whale sharks off Koh Tao is between April and June.

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