See Whale Sharks in Tofo Beach, Mozambique


400 kilometers north of Mozambique’s capital city, Maputo, Tofo Beach, and the surrounding waters make for one of the best diving destinations on the planet. This region is believed to be Africa’s best whale shark sighting spot, thanks to the abundance of plankton living in this habitat. Choose between the trio of dive sights at the so-called Whale Shark Alley: Chamber of Secrets, Marble Arch, and Simon’s Town.

Mozambique went through a period of turbulence not so long ago, so marine life took a backseat for a while. Now, the Marine Megafauna Foundation (MMF) is doing great work with local fishermen and tour guides to ensure practices are sustainable for both humans and wildlife. There are even opportunities to help work with the organization on monitoring marine life.

Dive centers and snorkeling operators Tofo Scuba and Diversity Scuba offer some of the best whale watching tours. Visit between October and March to see whale sharks in groups of up to 50 strong.

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