Best Places to go Stargazing

For nature lovers, spending time under the stars is a great occasion to enjoy what the environment has to offer. There are so many beautiful places to see on this Earth; we don’t have the time to see them all in this life.

Have you ever dreamt about spending a night under the bright sky stargazing? Alone or with the loved one, this nighttime experience will be fantastic. To make it easier for you, we created a list of 20 incredible places to go stargazing.

1. Cherry Springs State Park

Pennsylvania, USA

Have you heard about this park? If not, here’s a piece of info: this 48-acre park situated in Northern PA has been considered the darkest east point of the Mississippi. How dark is it right now? Dark enough to offer you the most astonishing night view.

2. NamibRand Nature Reserve

Namibia, Africa

Africa still has plenty of beautiful places to offer us and our eyes. This nature reserve is just one of them. Home to the darkest skies in the world, this reserve is the perfect place to spend your night stargazing.

3. Aoraki Mackenzie International Dark Sky Reserve

Canterbury, New Zealand

New Zealand itself is home to an astonishing gathering of landscapes. You all know many from watching the of the Lord of the Rings series. The hobbit houses exist in this exotic land.

4. Galloway Forest Park

Galloway, Scotland

Scotland is a great land known for its incredible scenery. Home to the highlands of the lowlands, Galloway is the best option for stargazing fans. This place has it all: lochs, forests, mountains, and of course, stars, plenty of stars.

5. Zselic Starry Sky Park

Somogy and Baranya, Hungary

This park is a top European place to see the zodiacal lights due to low light pollution coming from Kaposvar city. It is a dark-sky preserve in a less known country called Hungary.

6. Paranal Observatory

Chile, South America

The Atacama Desert is one of the most fascinating places on Earth with its high altitudes and zero clouds. This observatory is an astronomical observatory where you can stare at any star you like.

7. Death Valley

California, USA

California is one of America’s most beautiful places to spend your summer, and Death Valley is one incredible place to start. Did you know that nine out of twelve dark skies in the world are based in the US?

8. Mauna Kea

Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is that place where it’s summer all the time, people are wearing a bikini every day, and the weather is too beautiful to sleep at night. You can spend your whole night stargazing in Mauna Kea which is nothing than a dormant volcano.

9. Sagarmatha National Park

Himalayas, Nepal

Nepal is home to one of the most fantastic landscapes in the world. Situated on the base of Mount Everest, this mountainous park has 443 square miles. You should know that this park is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Therefore you must put it on your bucket list!

10. Trysil


This beautiful place to go stargazing is situated in Southern-Eastern Norway, and it is one of the countries most famous destinations due to its offering skiing and winter sports. This area is home to the clearest sky in the entirety of Scandinavia.

11. Easter Island

Easter Island, Polynesia

This specific island is famous for its iconic heads which are statues dating back to somewhere between the XIIth and the XVIIIth Centuries. Also, people from here know about its significant history in navigation and even astronomy.

12. Atacama Desert

Chile, South America

This desert is a magnificent 600 mile-long plateau situated on the Chilean Pacific coast. A combination of being so far from any towns, its high altitude, and its dry climate, make this place the perfect option for stargazing fans to spend the night.

13. Nova Scotia


Nova Scotia is one of the best places to go stargazing in Canada. The International Starlight Foundation has designated the shores of Yarmouth, Argyle, and Clare as the most exciting places to spend the night stargazing.

14. Natural Bridges National Monument

Utah, USA

The USA has plenty of ideal places to go stargazing, for example, Utah. In Utah, you can visit the Natural Bridges National Monument, which is famous for its sandstone structures called Kachina.

15. Ranu Kumbolo Lake


Stargazing is one exciting experience everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. If you want to feel the different sensations stargazing can bring up in you, Ranu Kumbolo is the place to visit.

16. Aogashima

Aogashima, Japan

Aogashima is a volcanic island Japanese people are proud to call their own. Located in the Philippine Sea, people often refer to it as the Tyo Secret Island Paradise, and it is as accurate as the name implies.

17. Sabah

Sabah, Malaysia

Sabah is a Malaysian state situated on the northern part of the Borneo island, and it is the country’s highest place due to Mount Kinabalu which is filled with granite spires. This place is famous for its ly beaches, rainforest, abundant wildlife, and, its parks and reserves.

18. Coonabarabran

Coona, Australia

Coonabarabran is a town in Australia situated in New South Wales, and its nickname is “Coona.” For those who would to admire the stars from this remote part of the world, Siding Spring Observatory is the place to visit.

19. Perth Observatory

Perth, Australia

Perth Observatory is another Australian place where travelers should go if they seek an ideal stargazing place. This place is your gateway to the universe, and you will stay the night to lo at the stars.

20. Antarctica


The remotest place on Earth is hands-down the best place to stargaze, there is no doubt you will leave impressed. The nights here are long, and you will have plenty of stars to admire. If you can endure the cold, the experience will well be worth it.

There are so many incredibly beautiful places on this tiny planet where you can go stargazing that the only problem is time. On every continent, there is at least one place you should visit to experience the most exciting stargazing experience of your life.

Every place has its beauty, and the landscapes are unique. During the day you can visit, explore, enjoy the sights of the place or city while you wait for the stars to re-appear.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags right now because the stargazing bucket list is on us!

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